Learn From These 7 Pregnant Celebs for Your Maternity Dressing Inspiration

We don’t know you exactly, but it sounds great when we hear about the pregnancy news of celebrities. Bet with us and you will see that not less than a dozen celebs are expecting now ranging from Hollywood actresses, models and even the news anchors. You will be surprised to know that most of them endorse on their social media profiles for budget shopping on fashion, style, mother & baby care, and more. We found one of them talking about the Mothercare promo code and its advantages on her life. Let’s move to main topic about “Baby Bumps and Celebs.” The main thing is fashion or style so focus on these things.

Emma Roberts:

Emma is among the top Hollywood female celebs having a high rank in social media. She is not reporting pregnancy with a beautiful dress with her baby bump. Forget the bump if you are not too much obsessed with Emma’s beauty. It is time to see her beautiful floral print midi dress in linen style. Also consider the BaubleBaradjustable masks on her face.

Hanna Bronfman:

Most of men are highly obsessed with the fitness and glam look of Hanna. She is gaining popularity in early stage of career. Recently, she endorsed an Alba Dress in a sophisticated white strawberry style. This dress seems appropriate for the indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Elsa Hosk:

With her tiny baby bump, she is endorsing a beauty dress. This is Modus dress with some other accessories. Her recent posts on Instagram have inspirations of the followers. Now pregnant women have learned that how to dress appropriately with beautiful facemask, Prada loafers, Bally Bag and Karen Wazensunglasses. Shop all these interesting accessories with Mothercare promo codeto give your style a new boost.

Mandy Moore:

She is getting old but her body denies showing any sign of it. Mandy is now pregnant and she has a new collection of social media posts for the followers. Recently, she has been sighted with a beautiful purple midi dress and a Valentino bag.Try this style for a great look.

Keyshia K. Davis:

This beautiful and seductive girl is famous for her chic lips. Most women follow her lip nude styles. The good news is that she is expecting and she has posted a beautiful image for the fans. Pregnant women should note how beautiful her baby bump looks in the Midi Tank Ribbed dress. The dress she is wearing is a product of Ingrid &Isabel.

Chiara Ferragni:

She has a skinny appearance. Luckily, her body shape is very fit and she doesn’t look pregnant. However, she managed to give baby bump a straight and beautiful shape by wearing a Cozy Knit Tank.Get this tank with Mothercare promo code forhappy maternity.

Princess Eugenie:

She has thousands of followers and fans wishing her happy pregnancy. She has surprised the fans with her beautiful baby bump. The dress she recommends is “Voluminous Chiffon” that has outstanding appearance.Try this dress if you want to look like Princess Eugenie during your pregnancy.