How Various Industries Are Adopting Green Practices

There is currently a global push for green practices to be adopted in every sector of society and this began at the turn of the century, when technology enabled us to recycle far more than in the past. The average waste management company recycles around 90% of all waste collected, which is impressive by anyone’s standards.

Here are some industries that are lighting the way in terms of green practice adoption.

  • Manufacturing – Many factories heavily rely on raw materials that are recycled, reducing the need to mine additional natural resources and in some cases, this transition is 100%. Are you aware that you can now buy a lightweight urban backpack that is made from recycled plastic bottles? The recycling process involves crushing the plastic bottles into tiny chips, then turning it into a fabric, which is waterproof.
  • Delivering services in a virtual environment – Let’s say you need to have a consultation with a physio to help recover from an injury; rather than driving to their clinic, you can have a video meeting with the health professional. Many business sectors are now delivering their services via the Internet, which cuts out travel and that means less emissions. Law firms, consultants, designers and doctors all use VoIP communication to deliver their services and this does have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Automotive industry – In many ways, the auto industry is leading the way, as they all move from diesel and petrol power units to electric vehicles and with government legislation, EVs will be seen more and more on our roads. Internal combustion engines are far more economical than they used to be and leaded fuel is becoming a thing of the past. Motorcycles are also making great strides with electric power units and you can actually buy an electric bike today!
  • Drones – The use of drones in the logistics sector is good news for the planet, as these flying devices are very eco-friendly, far more so than the delivery truck! In the next few years, you will start to see more drones in the skies, as the technology develops. There are even people-carrying drones in production, which might one day replace traditional motor vehicles. Click here for reasons why working as a freelancer is a wise move.
  • Retail – Most stores no longer provide a single use plastic bag, rather they sell recycled bags that are reusable. They also prefer to sell green products, as they know the consumer is very knowledgeable and prefers green products every time.
  • Aviation – You might not know that airlines are working hard to make their aircraft eco-friendlier, using less fuels and jet engines that create minimal pollution. Governments around the world are introducing legislation that forces airlines to conform to certain standards, ensuring the technology is there to achieve these goals.

The US government supports businesses that adopt green policies, which is a good sign and with everyone’s help, we can make this world a healthier place for all living things.