How to Market a Small Business – Key Elements

Let’s say that you are a good all-around tradie and you want to offer your services to the local community, there are many ways that you can spread the word and let the local community know of your existence.  Of course, you have word of mouth, although that brings limited results, but there are some very cost-effective marketing strategies to promote a local business.

Create a tag

Typical tags include

  • The company that cares.
  • Going that little bit further.
  • Always there for you.
  • We got you covered.

This is a powerful way to influence people and give more details on what you are about; this short slogan should accompany your logo in every respect. 


Where would we be without stickers? Every marketing campaign should include bumper stickers, which should be handed out at every opportunity. Think of the number of people who see the sticker on a rear bumper. Subconsciously, this leaves an imprint on the viewer, science backs this up and when it comes to value for money, nothing comes close to car stickers. 

Social media

Facebook offers amazing marketing opportunities and everyone and their dog has a Facebook account; for a few dollars, you can have one post shown on 50,000 user feeds, which is pretty powerful. Create a professional intro video; short and to the point and if you really want the most out of social media, hire a team of social media marketers and they will control all your accounts. Daily posting of quality content and instant replies to comments, which boosts engagement; let the pros loose on your Instagram, X and Tik-Tok accounts and generate a huge following. Click here to learn about virtual assistants.


Events set up for a good cause require sponsors and this is an excellent way to get your name out there and connected to something that everyone supports. If there is a local youngster who shows great promise in sports, why not put your brand in the frame? Animal rescues always need help and there are creative ways that you can market your presence.

Earning a reputation

This takes time and there are no shortcuts. Be customer-focused and always go that extra bit when it comes to customer service. Look at the successful big players, they all have a customer-focused culture, which boosts customer retention and word of mouth can quickly make it known that you are conscientious about your work.

Company website

If you want an ounce of street cred, you need to have a professional-looking website; such as WordPress, you can do that yourself and save a few hundred dollars. Either that or hire a local web designer and let him turn your concept into a good-looking digital platform.

Whether stickers or local radio, you can get your brand known with all of the above strategies and some! Marketing comes in many forms and if you are creative, your brand will be instantly identifiable in your local community.