Facing criminal charges in Oklahoma: Read these FAQs

Just because you have been charged with a crime doesn’t make you a criminal. Understandably, this is a difficult time, and Oklahoma prosecutors are often aggressive in filing charges. Like anyone else in the same situation, you may have questions, and we are answering a few of them, including the need for an Oklahoma criminal attorney.

How long will the case take?

There are many variables that can impact the timeline and overall complexities of a criminal case. Your best bet is to meet an attorney and work on the right defense strategy immediately. They can see the evidence against you and give a better overview.

Is a plea bargain worth considering?

Unless a criminal lawyer evaluates all the details of the plea bargain, do not accept that. You may want to get the plea bargain because you want to end things sooner, but remember that there are long-term consequences of the deal. Your attorney can ensure your rights are protected.

Do all criminal cases go to trial?

No, your case could be resolved through a plea bargain. A competent attorney is already aware of how local courts function and may also know the judges and prosecutors. Their eventual goal is to get the best possible outcome, and depending on the circumstances, they may get the charges dropped or reduced. Sometimes, it may be necessary to go to trial, and your lawyer will take care of every aspect.

How much will a criminal lawyer charge in Oklahoma?

Most criminal lawyers work at an hourly rate, and the amount you finally pay to an attorney depends on the work involved. You could ask for a ballpark in advance. Choosing an experienced and reliable legal team for the case is always better, as your entire life could be at stake. You can schedule a consultation to learn more, for which you need to pay a standard flat fee.

Does hiring an attorney matter?

Yes, criminal cases are complex, and prosecutors will do everything required to make a strong case against the suspect. If you don’t have an attorney, you are already dealing with things alone and may be unable to find gaps in the prosecution’s case. Lawyers can consider all relevant aspects, can question police behavior, and take appropriate steps to minimize the consequences.

Find a local lawyer in Oklahoma now and discuss your case before you say anything to the police. You deserve the right to have a legal team.