How To Make Paystubs Online

Creating paystubs is a task that is usually left to the manager or HR team, based on the size of the company you work for.

Whoever is tasked with this usually has a lot of other things on their plate, and despite their importance, paystubs may fall to the bottom of their priorities. This can cause a lot of issues within the workplace, such as dissatisfied employees, money troubles, and even legal issues if the paystubs are not correct.

Paystubs are important documents as they show employees how much they have earned, as well as offer the vital tax information required by both the company and the workers.

If you’re struggling to manage paystubs on time and get them done to the standards your company expects, there is a tool out there to try.

Where Can I Make Paystubs?

Paystubs need to be provided to employees with every salary payment, so this is an ongoing process for managers and HR teams in all sectors.

The information needs to be accurate and up to date to ensure both the company and workers are getting what they need. This can take a lot of management to get right, which is why a lot of companies have turned to using an online paystubs maker instead.

Like almost every other task that has gone online, using this paystub-generating software makes it easier to manage payroll and get the documents done on time. Information can be updated instantly from your account, and paystubs can be generated within minutes.

Even if your company still operates with physical check stubs, this software can come in useful because files can be printed off. 

The process is so much easier to complete when using online payroll processes, and you will find more time in the working day to tackle other tasks.

How To Make Paystubs Online

Using a paystubs creator allows you to make paystubs within a matter of minutes and guarantees accuracy every time.

It is incredibly easy to make paystubs online, and there are three main steps to the process:

Enter Information

Company information is needed to set up your paystubs and ensure these documents will be accurate. The first time this is done, the process may take a while, but from here on out, information can simply be edited or updated as needed.

Preview Paystubs

Once the information has been entered, a pay stub will be automatically generated.

Using online software allows you to preview each document to ensure they are accurate and represent the company well. Software like this will have multiple templates that you can choose for your paystubs, and now is the time to make any edits, if required.


Now that the paystubs have been made and are complete, you can download these files to the company database for employee and business records.

From here, you can provide your employees with digital copies or get them printed if you work with paper check stubs.