Designers’ Irresistible Arabian Jewelry is a Piece of Statement


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The ornaments have been valued in different cultures as an emblem that symbolizes the power and beauty. In Arab culture, jewelry has given a significant position. In fact, it is considered as striking and deep passion, appreciated by women and men equally. The brightness and design of Arabian Jewelry is the ideal complement. As Arabs are elegant and exotic therefore their jewelry can beat any other jewelry design. If you are interested to find some of the incredible Arabian jewelry designs, use Ounass Discount Code and order bracelet, necklace, pendant, rings and earrings of your choice on reasonable price.

Jewelry is a sign of irresistible affection. It is represented as a gift on marriage ceremonies. Each jewelry item has wonderful detail. The Arabian jewelry has gained influence from Celtic style, coiled, Egyptian designs, Austrian coins, Indian gleaming cascades and African abstract designs. Instead of wearing heavy Arabian jewelry, it has become a fashion to carry simple designs with an ancient touch. These days, the popular jewelry designs include Arabic calligraphy and statement pieces. Calligraphy on necklace gem or on the ring is famous. Gleaming jewelry having Arabic letters is a source of pleasure. 

Renowned Jewelry Designers

Arab world is not only recognized for deep love for diamond and gold, but this world is also the home of world’s best jewelry designers. Here is the description of the best designers and their work:

  • Nuun Jewels

If you have great love for fine jewelry items, you must check Nuun Jewels that is familiar on international level. Basically, the brand is launched by Nourah Al Faisal Saudi Princess. 

  • Bil Arabi

Bil Arabi jewelry is the one of the most loved items as it contains Arabic calligraphy on valuable metals in bold enamel. Make use of Ounass Discount Code and find Arabic calligraphy style precious items on discount.

  • The Mukhi Sisters

No doubt, it is one of the innovative power houses for fine jewelry. You can check traditional and fine jewelry pieces in contemporary styles. 

  • Alia Bin Omair

In Middle East, the jewels of Alia Bin Omair are redolent of the palm tree. 

  • Azza Fahmy

Most popular jewelry designer has gained inspiration from Arab world. Since 1960s, she has been designing classic jewelry items. 

Daily Wear & Office Jewelry

The versatile jewelry items are acceptable to wear on regular basis. It can include marriage ring, smart earrings, pendant and delicate bracelet. On the other hand, office wear items are simple and subtle. These do not have glamorous outlook but you can show the individuality without distracting the colleagues. In strict office environment, choose stud earrings, whereas hoop earrings are perfect for less formal environment. Do not choose noisy, too glamorous and flashy bracelet for office. 

Formal Events

On formal occasions, you can select from a wide range of Arabian jewelry. Most expensive and highly glamorous pieces in diamond or crystal can be selected for such occasions. 

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