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How to Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner If You Have Pets

Pet owners usually have a difficult time when it comes to getting rid of pet hair from carpets and upholstery. And if any of your family members have allergies, it becomes all the more important to clean your home and get rid of your fur baby’s hair and smells. All these require a vacuum cleaner designed for homes with pets to capture pet hair from all nooks and corners. 

You can choose from the best Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner options, which are popular workhorses specifically designed to tackle stubborn pet hair. These vacuums are known for their ability to perform various tasks, including sucking up dirt and debris, pet fur, and dander. Here you will learn how to choose the best vacuum cleaner when you have pets at home. 

Choosing the Type of Vacuum Cleaner

It can be quite overwhelming to choose from the different models of vacuums available. For picking up pet hair, canister vacuumcleaners are a good investment. All of the best Henry Hoover cleaners are canister types and easy to manoeuvre. 

They are ideal to use for cleaning low pile to high pile carpets as well as surfaces like mattresses, curtains, couches, and floors using several attachments. Canisters also have better suction power and can speed up your vacuuming process. 

Bagged or Bagless

Bagged vacuums suction the dirt and hair into a disposable bag. As the bag fills, the efficiency of the vacuum decreases, and the bag needs to be emptied. For allergic people, bagged versions are better as they contain dust and do not pollute the air. 

The bagged vacuums come with bags with a self-seal tab to keep dust in, when the vacuum is emptied. For bagless vacuums, the dirt collects in the cup, and it can get into the air when the cup is removed for emptying the contents. 

Corded or Cordless

Choosing a corded or cordless vacuum is a personal choice as both are powerful in terms of performance. The only disadvantage of cordless vacuums is that it may run out of power before you are done with your cleaning. 


Excellent suction power can yield better performance, and canister vacuums have the strongest suction among all the different types of vacuums. 

Pet homes with allergic people can opt for vacuums with maximum suction power that efficiently picks up dust and dirt, giving you the clean your home needs. A 620-Watt suction or more can perform better in removing pet hair and has longer run times, ensuring a clean home every time. 

The Type of Filter 

Filters also have a vital role in eliminating pet hair from the surface. It is an essential feature to consider if you or any family member has allergies.  A vacuum cleaner model with HEPA filters can trap common allergens, including pet dander. Henry hoover vacuums use HEPA filters made of advanced technology to trap dust and contaminants efficiently. 


Some of the best Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners come with pet-friendly adjustments that can simplify the cleaning job when you have pets in the house. A dual-purpose brush with sturdy bristles can loosen, lift, and remove unwanted hair from floors and furniture. The brush bar sucks out the dirt from the floor and also grooms your carpets. 

Extra features

Another desirable that pet lovers look for is the Microfresh filter, which neutralizes pet odour that may try to escape from the cleaner. Usually, after picking up pet hairs, there can be a lingering unpleasant smell, and the activated charcoal in the filter can prevent this from happening. 

Seeing your pet’s hair all over the house can be quite frustrating. Getting a vacuum cleaner with pet-friendly features and extra tools can combat pet hair and odour, giving you a cleaner home.