How to Choose the Right Badge Reels for Your ID Cards

Badge reels are popular ID badge accessories that keep your ID card on display so that it becomes easy to read, scan, and swipe the card information without the need to remove it. They are so small in size that you can conveniently clip them on your pocket, belt, or another piece of your garment for easy access. 

The retractable cord attached to them makes it easy to slide the card in and out of the badge reel whenever you need to make a payment, show the card to security, or display your credentials.

These accessories are available in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. If you are an employer looking for the right badge reel to give to your team members, here, you will come to know how to choose the best ones for the ID cards:

Consider the Environment of Your Workplace

Do you want your employees to keep their ID cards always-on display for visual photograph identification or other means of identifying visitors or employees? If yes, then a no-twist badge reel would be right for them. It will keep their ID card facing forward always so that it does not flip over. If you need your team members to keep their badge visible all the time, you need to give them this kind of reel.

Are your employees going to clip their badge reel on different parts of their clothing, such as shirt collar, pants pocket, belt, etc.? A retractable badge reel with a swivel base will prevent the ID card from sticking out at awkward angles. The back part of the reel clips to the clothes and swivels 360°. So, no matter where they clip their reel, it will swivel, and the ID card will always hang down neatly.

If your working environment is an outdoor setting or a rugged industrial factory, then you must choose heavy-duty badge reels made with strong cords of wire, chain link, or nylon. These cords attach to the badge and can withstand a robust work environment. Some of them also have reinforced straps for added protection.

Choose the Right Color and Shape

Retractable badge reels are available in numerous shapes like square, round, heart, etc. While every organization seems to choose round ones, you may set your business apart with an oddly shaped badge. You may also use colors to match your company logo or classify different departments with different colors. 

Translucent reels are also popular that looks simple and elegant and allow one to see the interior workings. Choose something unique to distinguish your business and at the same time meet the security needs.

Decide the Right Clips and End Fittings

The end fitting is the part that attaches your badge reel to your card or badge. Are you looking for a clamp for your visitor badges or temporary badges? Or will a key ring or snap clip solve your purpose better? 

There are several types of clips to select from, including hook clips, carabiner clips, swivel clips, etc. The clip or end fitting you choose depends on the security and accessibility level desired and how you will use your identification security.

Consider Your Purpose

The badge reel you choose depends on your purpose of having one. There are different types, each solving a different purpose:

  • Clip ID: These have clips that attach the ID badge to your clothing.
  • Carabiner: Want to keep your ID always facing forward? Go with this one.
  • Smart Card: Perfect accessories if you want constant access to your smart card, HID access control card, or prox card.
  • Heavy Duty: Containing larger springs ideal to carry small tools and keys.
  • Monogrammed: Custom printed reels to promote a brand or event.
  • Lanyard: Keeps your ID attached to your body and still gives easy access.

What way can be better than badge reels to reinforce your brand, ensure security, and promote your company? Call a reputed company to discuss your badge reel needs and choose what best suits your requirements and budget.