How To Enter a Firearms Auction?

Whether you need to sell some valuable antiques or other prized items, you should enter an auction and sell your stuff. Auctions can be a great platform to buy and sell items, including new and antique firearms. However, there are a few prerequisites to entering an auction for making a purchase or selling your firearms. Therefore, it is advised to do research on your state laws first and then set up your account with the chosen auction house.

Once you have searched for “firearm auctions near me” and have found a reliable option, here’s how the process should go ahead.

Research About The State Laws For Guns and Gun Ownership

This should be your starting point to avoid any inconvenience in the future. The state laws for the ownership and buying/selling of firearms differ from one state to another. Therefore, it is important to determine whether buying/selling firearms at an auction is legal in your state or not. Go to the NRA website and learn the guidelines set forth by them for your state. It would be best if you also researched the firearms you intend to buy or sell and see whether you are allowed to buy or sell them in your state.

Set Up Your Auction Account

The next step is to set up your auction account with the preferred auction house where you intend to sell or buy firearms. Depending on their requirements, you might have to provide your contact information and other necessary information to run a criminal background check. Understand the terms and conditions set forth for the background check and go through any relevant rules and regulations of the auction house for the sale or purchase of firearms.

Background Check Prior To The Auction

Once you have set up your account and have provided the auction house with all the necessary information, they will run a criminal background check to ensure that you don’t have any criminal history. It helps establish that there is nothing against you that would stop you from buying or selling a firearm. You must pass background check before you are allowed to enter a firearms auction.

Buy/Sell Your Firearm At The Auction

After clearing the background check, you are allowed to list your firearm for auction or bid on the items you may intend to buy. If you plan to sell a gun, follow these valuable tips to avoid any trouble.

Federal as well as state laws regulate auctioned firearms. Therefore, you should know the laws that apply to your firearm sale.

Always run the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) unless you sell your firearm to a buyer with a valid purchase permit.

If someone with only a handgun permit tries to buy a handgun and a long gun, you can sell both firearms to them.

If you have sold a gun to a buyer after successfully running the NICS, you should still rerun the background check if that same buyer is trying to buy another firearm.

When selling valuable antiques, place a reserve on your firearm.

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