How to Delete Pages, Split, Merge, and Repair PDF Using GoGoPDF

Are you looking for a website that expertly manages your electronic documents like PDFs? Well, you should look into this website that tops any PDF sites you can find online — the GoGoPDF. Anyone using GoGoPDF does not have to reinstall or download multiple applications, as well as open numerous web pages. 

GoGoPDF will help you with all your PDF concerns anytime and anywhere. In turn, dealing with your PDF files will be less of a burden. Moreover, GoGoPDF offers different useful tools that will allow you to delete pages, split, merge, and repair your PDF files. Isn’t that incredible? Not only that they are highly accessible, but GoGoPDF gives you 100% free service too! 

To get started, read on and learn how to use these excellent tools by GoGoPDF.  

Delete pages in PDF 

People who handle tons of PDF documents always get into trouble whenever they need to find particular data in their files. That is the reason why you should make it a habit to delete PDF pages regularly. GoGoPDF will help you delete PDF pages simultaneously. 

By doing this activity regularly, you will find it less hassle for you in the future. Do not worry because you can use this tool from GoGoPDF whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an available device and a stable internet connection. Also, as mentioned above, this tool is for free. 

Furthermore, things can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so remember to ease the process by doing it all step by step. GoGoPDF provides four easy and quick steps for you as follows. 

  • Go to GoGoPDF’s website. Upload a PDF file by clicking on the “Select Files” tab.
  • Afterwards, carefully choose the particular pages you want to get rid of.
  • Immediately apply all the changes you have made.
  • Finally, your PDF is ready for download. Download the file and save it on your computer or share it on your Google Drive.

Split PDF

Other than resizing your PDF file, this Split PDf tool by GoGoPDF is also one of the best ways to compress the size of your document. If you have multiple PDF files that reach hundreds of pages, it might decrease your productivity level. This tool will allow you to sort out some pages from your PDF file and relocate them into another file location. 

As such, following these quick steps will get your work done in seconds. 

  • Open the GoGoPDF website from your browser and choose the “Split PDF” tool. The system will redirect you instantly to its web page.
  • Upload a PDF file that you want to split. Use the “drag and drop” feature for faster uploading of files.
  • Afterwards, choose between the available options; whether you want a specific page separation or a simple extraction. In this case, if you use the PRO version, you can split your PDF pages even more conveniently.
  • Proceed by clicking particular pages you want to extract from your PDF.
  • Tap “Extract.” The system should complete the process within a minute, and you can download the file and save it.

Merge PDF

This tool will be best for anyone who handles tons of PDF files as it organizes multiple PDFs and turns them into a single file. It can be files that are left unused, but you might need them in the future. Thus, the best way to get rid of your messy folder is to reorganize it by merging your PDF files with GoGoPDF.

With GoGoPDF, you can merge not only two PDF files but multiple files. Either way, GoGoPDF guarantees a high-quality end-product that will satisfy you. So, if you need it right away, follow these straightforward steps to get you started.

  • Go to the website and select the “Merge PDF” option; you will be redirected immediately. 
  • Start uploading your PDF files by utilizing the “drag and drop” feature for faster transfer of files.
  • The system will automatically merge the files for you, and all you have to do is wait for a few moments. Do not take any action at this time.
  • GoGoPDF will give you the freshly merged PDF, so you can download and save it to your computer right away.

Repair PDF

In the most unfortunate instances, corrupted PDF files will give us a hassle. Perhaps your files are indeed infected by malware or viruses, or it just doesn’t support the device. That is why GoGoPDF is all-in-one software. Thankfully, GoGoPDF can fix the issue for you. You only have to follow these easy steps, so don’t worry.

  • First, go to GoGoPDF’s website through your web browser. When you reach the page, it will require you to upload a corrupted file. You can click on the “Select Files” tab or use the “drag and drop” feature of the site.
  • Subsequently, GoGoPDF will do all the repairing for you. 
  • All you have to do is wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Finally, your repaired PDF file will be available for download. After downloading the file, you can now save it to your computer or any device.


Indeed, handling multiple PDF files can be stressful and time-consuming. However, finding the best PDF tools to manage your files will lift all your burdens away.