How to Choose the Perfect Dress As Per Your Body Shape? 

Choosing the right dress is all about confidence and self-expression. You have to look and feel great in anything that you wear. The women’s bodies come in different sizes and shapes, which are all beautiful.  

You must know how to dress according to your body shape to find the most flattering fit. Remember that it’s not all about wearing the most fashionable outfit. It’s about choosing the dress that best suits you and makes you feel confident.  

Dresses are genuinely the girl’s best friend as it comes in different styles that suit all women’s shapes. Before choosing a dress, you first need to determine the shape of your body. Most women belong to one of the three typical body types: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, and hourglass-shaped. 

After figuring out your shape, you can now choose the best dress, cut, and style based on your body type. 

Pear shape 

The pear-shaped figure can look curvaceous and beautiful when dressed in a flattering way. Most culture appreciates curves on the lower part of the body. However, the exciting part is that you are allowed to wear a dress that shows an exceptional representation of yourself. 

If you fall in this body type, you usually carry weight on your thighs or hips. Your bust and shoulder are fairly narrower compared to your hips, and your waist is clearly defined. With this in mind, you should highlight your waist when choosing a dress for any occasion.  

You can wear a V-neckline to have an elongated look or create an hourglass illusion by putting more volume on your upper body, balancing it with your lower body. You can choose fit-and-flare if you want more symmetry with your thighs or hips. 

Perfect dress styles: 

  • Shift dress 
  • Maxi dress 
  • A-line dress 

Apple shape 

Apple-shaped women can look like runway models if dressed up perfectly. As your upper body easily gets noticed, your body type’s perfect dresses can make you look slender, tall, and graceful. 

Apple-shaped bodies usually are well-proportioned. The shoulder is wider than the hips, and the mid-section tends to carry the body’s weight. 

When choosing a dress, you may consider something that can highlight your upper body alone. Use belts or waist-ties to have a more defined waist.  

Perfect dress styles: 

  • Midi dress 
  • A-line dress 
  • Flowy tunics 

Hourglass shape 

The hourglass body type is dubbed as the perfect body shape. With that in mind, there are tons of dress choices for this body type, allowing you to create an almost unlimited number of looks to express your personality and taste. 

Hourglass-shaped bodies are described as curvy. The bust and hips are about even, and the waist is well-defined. They may have fuller thighs, hips, and bust, and the bottom is rounded. Their side and front profile are nicely symmetric, and their figure is described as in perfect harmony from top to bottom. 

When choosing a dress, you can wear anything that can flaunt your curves. Make sure that the dress will sit adequately in the right places. 

Perfect dress styles: 

  • Wrap dress 
  • Mermaid dress 
  • Bodycon dress 

Dress styles are not one-size-fits-all, so you should have different dress choices. You can always play with different fabrics, prints, and colours, but keep in mind that it is best to showcase your shape best. 

The key to wearing perfect dresses is to find your personal best, as this will boost your confidence and make you as happy as possible.