How To Check The Ping In Dota 2?

What is Ping?

Ping is the time it takes for your computer to identify another computer’s existence on an IP network (Internet Protocol) and is also commonly referred to as network delay. However, there’s no standard unit of measurement for ping times, but most people consider anything under 100 ms good enough for real-time online gaming.

Our human ears can hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms) which is 1/1000th of a second. So if your ping time has reached 100 ms, you heard at least ten musical notes played one after another.

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What is Latency?

Latency refers to the time it takes to send data from point A to point B across a network. In online gaming, latency often means responsiveness: how long it takes for your computer to communicate with the other computers that are part of the game and receive updated information about their actions.

Now we know what is “Ping” and “Latency.” The next question should be how we can use this knowledge?

Dota2 players need to know this because they want to check their internet quality before playing Dota2. This is very important because Dota2 requires high-quality internet to play. If you have low latency, then it means that your gaming experience will be good in most situations, but if you have high latency, this may cause some problems for you while playing Dota2.

How to check the ping in Dota 2

How to check ping in Dota 2 is? How do I measure the latency of different servers? What are Network Settings in Dota2, and which is the best for me?

I will try to answer all these questions. There is no way to obtain an exact number measuring your ping, so most people use a formula called “Dota 2 Calculator” to get approximate numbers. The biggest problem with it is that it is not always accurate, so you need to take the result with a bit of salt.

This method calculates your ping by subtracting your average time sent request from the average time received a response after receiving data from the server. This means that if you – for example – subtract 100 from 200, you will not get 100, but you will get a number in between.

The more significant this difference is, the higher ping you have and the higher is your latency. Please note that Dota 2 Calculator gives just an approximation of your ping, and it might be off by up to 30ms.

But there is an easy way to know your ping using an online web-based site. Just go to It gives multiple ping results from various locations worldwide, so you can approximate what is going on with your connection.

Be aware that if your ISP routes through a server far away from you (in another country), the results will be less accurate because packets can take additional hops (ex: London – New York – Singapore) more time.

Also, please be careful when calculating the Network Latency. Please do not add or subtract value without checking what servers I am talking about in detail. There are many types: Game Server: This is the server you connect to play Dota 2. If your ISP routes through a high-latency or unstable link, this value will increase, and your gameplay experience will likely suffer.

Also, if there is any problem in the network of the Game Server location, it will affect your connection. The same happens when players have issues with their routers/modems/connections on Steam’s side or just Steam itself; then, they might have difficulties connecting to Dota 2 servers.

This is why some people report “Network Problem” popups sometimes after restarting their PCs. The same thing happens with some ISP companies with bad routing connections (quality-wise), so even though they advertise 100 mbps internet speeds, chances are you can’t even get 20 mbps.

Remember that this server is where Dota 2 clients communicate, so if it has very high latency or packet loss, your in-game experience will suffer. 

You can connect to the nearest server using Steam > Settings; Download Region and check how many servers you have in different locations.