How can Maria Pellicano Assist you with your Communication Skills

Maria Pellicano has been empowering numerous listeners to explore and access the influential power through determining their message and voice. The major part of her empowerment to the people comes from her released book ‘Speaking With Influence and Power’ which depicts her life, career, and confidence.

Her passion for helping people

It would be worth mentioning here that Maria Pellicano had a passion for helping people from all walks of life discover and share their genuine selves. As a result, she has spent her life exploring mindset, message, and voice, through her vocal and singing coaching. She has also been working with numerous business professionals. She offers valuable lessons that could be enjoyed through live sessions directly from clients. It would enable them to make the most of applicable and useful strategies. Rest assured that these strategies would help her readers, listeners, and clients to enhance with respective careers and lives without any cost.

She believes that nobody could know the sound of their voice. She also believes that a majority of people would not be able to control the sound of their voices.

However, she has a vision of sharing her empowering message lifelong through her book ‘The Art of Powerful Communication.’ She is also the creator of the Speak With Power & Influence Program course. She also facilitates various people with her private voice coaching sessions for numerous professionals.

What are her achievements?

It would be worth mentioning here that Maria Pellicano has been featured on several podcasts. She has worked as a voice coach with numerous businesses along with working as a speaker at numerous popular events.

When it comes to achievements, rest assured that she is a singer, teacher, public speaker, voice coach, and an Australian author. She has approximately twenty years of experience and helped over five thousand people in finding their confidence, presence, and voice. She has also enabled them to communicate with impact and influence.

Her passion transformed into a career

Maria has learned the impact experienced by several people unable to access the power within their voices. She has experienced it first-hand. It would not be wrong to suggest that speakers often have a feeling of not getting the best out of themselves. They consider themselves held back or stifled at times.

Maria has been working with such individuals, businesses, influencers, and leaders through voice coaching and communication, corporate development programs, coaching, mentoring, and training. It helps her utilize her imperative three-step model of Voice, Message, and Mindset.

To sum it up

If you were contemplating the best way to improve your communication skills with an audience, managers, team, or staff effectively, rest assured that Maria could help you achieve your specific goals.

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