Here’s what every small company can do about cybersecurity

Every networked device works like a computer and can be hacked by cybercriminals – That’s one threat looming large over all businesses. In recent years, the number of cyberattacks has increased manifold. Small companies and growing brands have suffered the most, because they didn’t take their security measures and steps on priority. While you can always manage and reduce the consequences following a security breach by taking appropriate steps, what matters more is preventing such breaches.

In this post, we are discussing what every small company can do about cybersecurity!

  1. Focus on the threats

Are aware of all the common cyber threats? Cybercriminals and hackers have managed to crack into networks, have hacked cameras, and tricked employees into downloading malware. Everything is possible, and the first step is to identify these threats, so that you can work on the preventive measures accordingly.  

2. Get all teams involved

No business can succeed with its efforts regarding cybersecurity, unless every person within the organization gets involved. You want aware, well-informed and trained employees, who know how to look for suspicious emails, links, or when to report an attachment or download. Make sure that all teams are involved in cybersecurity. 

3. Recommend password tips

Basic password tips and practices can go a long way for ensuring cybersecurity. First and foremost, ensure that all old passwords are changed regularly, and default ones should be replaced with complex passwords right away. Ask employees to use a password manager, and teach them what it takes to create a strong & long password. Where needed, consider using a second or third layer of authentication. 

4. Get access management tool

Who is accessing your IP cameras and recorder? How many team members are using a single server or resource? Access rights must be transparent & clear, no matter how small your business may be. Make sure that you have some tool for managing both identities and access rights. The management should be able control rights in real time. 

5. Finally, update all software

Manufacturers constantly offer patched updates, so ensure that all software & firmware programs are updated to the latest version. You may also want to check if the operating systems have been updated recently, and not to forget, remove all unwanted and old software from devices and PCs.

Cybersecurity requires practice and an approach where you never let the guard down. Don’t give hackers that chance to attack your company.