Guide to Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan

Good ceiling fans are an absolute must for all homes. It is a great alternative to expensive air conditioners and therefore is the best economical choice for your cooling solutions. Whether you want to buy an outdoor or an indoor ceiling fan, or you are planning to replace the existing one, the selections could be overwhelming. 

With several fan styles and designs available in stores, you must consider a few key factors, to choose the perfect one which suits your personal choice and space. They should serve your purpose as well as prove true value of your money spent. It is also important to buy fans from a reputed outlet like Fans City in Sydney. They offer a wide variety of amazing contemporary ceiling fans, which you can either order online or buy from one of their stores in Sydney.

Here are some important factors that homeowners must consider when buying a new ceiling fan:

  • Blade finish & material

Blade material of the ceiling fan is very important. Generally, the blade is made of wood, plastic or metal. You can choose the blade finish according to the existing interior of every room. When choosing and buying ceiling fans for areas that are prone to excessive moisture, like places near coastal areas, bathrooms, consider blades having rust proof finishing.

  • Right size

Again it is important to choose a ceiling fan that best circulates enough air to make your room cool, therefore choose the right size of the fan. You can even measure the dimensions of your room with the help of a meter stick or tape measure and then decide which blade span to go for. If you choose to buy from Fans City that serves the whole of Australia, you can be assured of buying the right fan as their friendly staff will help you out.

  • Energy efficiency

High electricity bills are a matter of concern for everyone, so when you choose a ceiling fan you must check whether it is energy efficient as this can save you substantially on your monthly electricity bill. Make sure to look into Texas electricity rates and choose the most affordable one for your home’s appliances.

  • Motor check

When you are choosing a ceiling fan, you must not ignore the motor. A technologically advanced and a good motor will account for noiseless operation, smooth and optimum movement of air. Many fans are equipped with great DC motors that consume 70% less energy as compared to standard motors. You can inquire about all these features from the seller, this way your fan will run for many years.

  • Accessories

Nowadays, you get ceiling fans having lighting facility that offers a great vibrancy and styling to your room. Depending on your personal preferences and budget, you can choose an elegant ceiling fan with attractive lighting. You even have an option to select from wall control to remote control. The contemporary fans nowadays are available with LED lighting, these offer cool ambience, along with transforming the complete appearance of your space.

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans in Australia, buy from Fans City, as they offer superior quality products and services at affordable prices. Their experts have extensive knowledge about specifications and styles of contemporary ceiling fans.