Follow The Road Rules While Driving Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle also have the same privileges and rights that any other vehicle has on the roadway. Therefore, as a motorist, you need to understand the various safety challenges that are faced by any motorcyclist, like visibility, size, and also know how to respond on the road while driving your motorcycle.

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Following are the tips for driving your motorcycle that you should always follow:

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1.    You must share the road, but not the lane

For safe driving, you may willingly share the roads with any other vehicles however while moving within narrow lanes you cannot follow the same.

2.    Increase your distance if you are following any vehicle with flashing turn signals

If any vehicle ahead of you has given a flashing turn signal then it is better not to follow very closely but remain within a safe distance.

3.    Any minor annoyance to a certain motorist can become a major hazard for a motorcyclist

Remember, as a motorcyclist, you can easily control your speed and maneuver your motorcycle however any other vehicle may not do that.

4.    Remember that your motorcycles react differently

During dry weather conditions your motorcycle can stop quickly than cars, so allow a little more following distance to the car following you so that he gets enough time to apply the brake if you suddenly stop.

5.    While turning left look in all possible directions

Particularly on the busy road, you should be extremely careful while turning left and make sure that no other vehicle is coming from any direction.

6.    Take special care near intersections

Most accidents generally take place at the intersections and hence both car drivers, as well as motorcyclists, must take special care at intersections.

7.    Check all your blind spots

Check regularly your rear mirrors of both sides while driving so that you know the presence of other vehicles that are coming from your rear side.

8.    Pass with care

While passing another motorcyclist lots of air may flow. So you should be a bit careful.

9.    Keep in mind the weather condition

Weather can make a lot of difference to a motorcyclist than any car driver.

10.Help other riders to stay safe at dark hours

During night time your high-beam headlight may distract other vehicles so stay safe.