Dealing With A Title IX Charge 

Title IX requires schools and colleges receiving federal funding to provide equal opportunities to every student and protect them from sexual crimes inside the campus. Schools are required to use disciplinary procedures to address complaints related to Title IX. If you have been accused of a Title IX charge, you would know it is a matter of serious concern. 

As soon as you realize you have been accused of a serious sex crime, you should not ignore the situation. The first thing you must do to protect yourself speaks to an education lawyer in California. An attorney can prevent you from taking the wrong steps and saying the wrong things. For example, you may want to speak to the plaintiff yourself to clear out the misunderstanding. However, an attorney can explain how that may be a bad step. 

How to effectively deal with a Title IX charge 

  • Do not panic. 

First of all, do not panic. When you first receive a letter or notification of the charge, it is easy to become anxious about what is to come. You may think it is only a misunderstanding and attempt to speak to the plaintiff to clear the air. However, approaching the victim can be destructive to your situation. Get a better grasp on your situation by understanding the legalities and consulting with an attorney. 

  • Understand the gravity of the situation. 

Some people fail to understand the gravity of the situation or take it lightly. You must understand how serious a Title IX charge can be and how the consequences can change your life. Keeping an “I do not care” will only get you into more trouble than you already are in. Reach out to your school to learn more about your charges and plan your next steps. 

  • Consult with an attorney in California. 

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself in such a situation is to consult with an experienced and highly qualified education law attorney. An attorney knows the ins and outs of the legal system and will know exactly what to do to help your situation. 

Defending a Title IX sexual assault charge is not easy due to the nature of the accusation. You need to have solid evidence, and strong arguments, find witnesses, and find possible loopholes in the legal system to win. 

  • Do not post anything on social media. 

Teenagers and young adults like to post important updates about their life on social media, which is great for announcing birthday parties, weddings, new openings, etc. However, you should avoid social media when involved in a legal case. You do not want the other party to find something and use it out of context.