Come on, Travel to 7 Tourist Destinations in West Jakarta!

West Jakarta is known as one of the historical places and holds many relics of the Dutch colonial period. If you like history and art tourism, West Jakarta can be an option for a vacation, especially if you are in the capital city. Want to travel to West Jakarta? Check out the following reviews of 7 tourist attractions that can be visited in West Jakarta!

  1. Kota Tua (Old Town)

The most well-known tourist spot and become one of the icons of West Jakarta is the Kota Tua area. This area, also known as Old Batavia, where Batavia was the name given to this city before finally changing its name to the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Kota Tua Jakarta has been a trading center since the 16th century. The Old Town area consists of ancient buildings that are well maintained and are now used as museums to cafes.

  1. Museum Wayang

Still around the Old City area of ​​Jakarta, the Wayang Museum was inaugurated in 1975. Before being used as a museum, this building was the Old Dutch Church built in 1640. Then this building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1808, and the rest of the ruins were rebuilt into Puppet Museum.

As the name implies, the Wayang Museum collects a complete variety of puppets. The collection is not only from Indonesia but also dolls from abroad. Here you will see wayang golek, wayang kulit, puppets from China, Vietnam, India, France, Cambodia, and others. You can even see Thai dolls.

  1. Gedung Arsip Nasional

Seeing old European-style buildings can not only be done in the Old City, but there is also the National Archives Building. The building, which was built in the 18th century, consists of two floors, the building is made of red brick with a high roof. The National Archives Building consists of seven rooms, each of which is beautifully carved. This building is a museum that collects weapons, swords, household appliances, miniature Dutch ships, and VOC relics. The total collection stored in this museum is more than 500 pieces.

  1. Museum Bank Indonesia

Not far from the tourist area of ​​Jakarta’s Old City, there is the Bank Indonesia Museum. This museum was established as a means of communication between Bank Indonesia and the general public to know and understand the latest policies from Bank Indonesia. The museum is also a means of entertaining literacy. The presentation of literacy facilities in electronic displays, multimedia, plasma televisions, and dioramas will make it easier for visitors to absorb the information. Similar to museums in general, the Bank Indonesia Museum is a place to store and care for historical objects from Bank Indonesia.

  1. Museum Sejarah Jakarta

The Jakarta History Museum, also known as the Fatahillah Museum, is an icon of the Jakarta Old City tourist area. This building was built in 1707, with the shape of the building resembling the Dam Palace in Amsterdam, Europe. The Jakarta History Museum stores the history of the development of Batavia to become Jakarta, there are replicas of the relics of the Kingdom of Pajajaran and the Kingdom of Tarumanegara, as well as a collection of pottery, ceramics, and stone inscriptions.

  1. Chinatown

This area became a place of residence for people from China for the first time when they arrived in the city. The Chinatown area in West Jakarta is located not far from the Old City of Jakarta. This area has several things to explore. Starting from Petak Sembilan, a trading area for goods and knick-knacks from China, the Church of Santa Maria de Fatima can be used for worship for Catholics, Vihara Dharma Bhakti Pantjoran Tea House, Candra Naya, to Culinary at Gang Gloria.

  1. Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta

Kota Tua Jakarta does not stop to innovate and attract the attention of visitors. In addition to historical places, now Kota Tua presents a 3D Museum named Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta. This 3D museum consists of several zones consisting of various rooms. There are Painting Zones, Ocean Zones, Animal Zones, Dinosaur Zones, Adventure Zones, Horror Zones, to Routines Zones.

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