Chopard L.U.C. Watches For the Modern Ladies and Gentlemen

In our modern world today, watches represent time. Like a clock, having a wristwatch helps us know the current time, thus allowing us to be punctual. Punctuality is an important factor, whether you are a student or a worker. Additionally, it can easily match your outfits, giving you that fashionable look you are aiming for.

With its demand, several brands for watches came out. Each brand possesses differing styles and structures. Furthermore, it gradually forms part of essential items to have for your day-to-day grind with its usability. Due to the several brands available for wristwatches, it is normal to have a hard time choosing which brand would be best to buy. 

Wrist Watches’ Beginning

Did you know that the first designs for wrist watches were for women? Before Chopard worked on its collections like the Chopard LUC Pro One GMT, It came out for fashion, and at that time, men had pocket watches. History tells whom Elizabeth I was the first woman to wear a wristwatch. It came as a gift from her rumored lover, Robert Dudley. Pocket watches used to be the fashion watch for men. It came to be during the Tudor times, and Henry VIII had it. There were only single hour markers before the minute hand came to be, which was not until the seventeenth century. Wristwatches for men became a fashion approximately around the beginning of World War I

Did you also know that the first time recorded goes back to over four thousand years ago? Amazingly it started with the same way of how we measure time today, which was by sixty. Among the variety of colors, the most popular is black. It must be because black tends to blend with all sorts of styles, whether for school, work, or formal and informal occasions. Furthermore, on the watch display, did you observe that ‘happy time’ is ten minutes past ten, showing a close projection of a happy face. It provides you a somewhat positive vibe upon seeing it. 

If you are looking for a gift, perhaps for a birthday or Christmas, then a high-quality wristwatch can be a perfect solution for that. These watches for both men and women will surely fit what you are looking for.

Chopard L.U.C. Watches

In 1996, Chopard first created its in-house movements. From there, it escalated until they got known for the quality of their make. Each Chopard L.U.C. watch is of F.Q.F. Quality Seal. F.Q.F. stands for Fleurier Quality Foundation. It is a quality certification in Switzerland that focuses on watchmaking, its mechanism, aesthetic, and every part that makes a watch.

To receive this certificate, a watch will have to pass several procedural controls. The first of which has something to do with its reliability. Watches should be able to function well. It is achievable by receiving a certificate from the Dubois SA laboratory where the watch would undergo a Chronofiable aging test. The second procedure includes needing to pass the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (COSC) test and receive a certification as proof. Next, the head watch should be following the quality standards set by F.Q.F. The following procedure requires the watchmaking operation to include manufacture, assembly, and quality control. Lastly, the watch must pass the twenty-four-hour test program on the Fleuritest simulator in its final form.

With this massive procedure in ensuring its quality, Chopard L.U.C. watches tend to have a higher value than ordinary wristwatches. In addition, to maintain the high-quality make of their watches, essential skills get passed down from workers to working in every workshop. Thus, the watches retain their quality throughout. In line with this, the Chopard company prioritizes its artisans’ training, giving you further assurance that the quality of the product stays intact.

Modern Watches for Modern Men and Women

Chopard L.U.C. watches have a high standard of Swiss watchmaking. The diligent making of these watches makes them one of the perfect watches. Whether you may be a diligent student or worker, male or female, these watches are available in various designs.

Guaranteeing that it is functional, these watches are sure to last for an extended period, providing you with an accessory that helps you be punctual for school, work, a job interview, etc. Furthermore, it can easily mix and match your outfit and fashion style with its modern styles and designs.

One of Chopard’s watches, the Chopard LUC Pro One GMT, is a limited edition item. Designed with sophistication and elegance, making it one of the perfect timepieces in this modern time. Made with high-quality stainless steel metal, crown metal, and a see-through sapphire crystal back case. This item has a hand-sewn pure leather strap that ensures durability for longer usage. Overall, having this timepiece is surely one of the collector’s items you must have. 

Parting Shot

Watches can have various functionalities. There are some that have water-resistant qualities allowing your wristwatches to be capable of getting wet. However, you must take note not to submerge your watches underwater and prolong it there purposely. It will have side effects later on and would ultimately stop working if it gets damaged. But, no matter what functions you are looking for specifically, these Chopard L.U.C. watches are available for you to choose from.