CBD Oil for Pets – Your Horse Deserves Some too

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Every corner you turn and every search you do online for CBD (cannabidiol), you will find some article or another related to cats and dogs. Seldom will you find one related to the magnificent creatures – Horses. Which is why we’ve put this one together, to try and increase awareness of them in regards to this natural plant extract – CBD. If you are wondering if you can give your some or how it can help them, besides this article from equine wellness blog, about a case study, further information can be found below.

Giving Your Horse CBD Oil

Yes, along with your pooch and feline, you can give them this too. If you care more about your horses than anyone else, you would want the best for them. Some times they too can get sick or run down and suffer from pain and swelling especially for racehorses, who work tirelessly to keep their riders happy by being as strong or as fast as they can to win the race.

This strain on their joints can sometimes lead to inflammation and lack of mobility, the truth is, you are not the only one who thinks about these things and who wants the best for your animal buddy. In recent years a higher number of equestrians have been giving their steeds natural CBD in many formats from pellets to tinctures and oils and even tablets and why not, these creatures deserve a good life too, and with the many advantages that been seen when introducing this compound to animals, it’s no wonder. Just look at this source, for instance, that tells you all about all the different thing it may improve in their bodies:

Choose the Right One

The matter of fact is that you do not need a precise one for horses, all animal products will work just as fine on them too. As long as you don’t give them the one for humans. Some may work while others may be too weak or too strong. Check on the manufactures label on the bottle if you can, if not, contact them directly to ask. Of course, speaking to your equine vet about it before initiating this, is the first step.

The main facet to deliberate is the size of the horse. The larger they are the higher the dose may need to be. The higher potency options are advisable in this case. But always follow the dosage instruction on the label. If it is a tincture and the horse doesn’t mind you placing a few drops on his tongue, go for it! If he does not like the taste of it, put it onto a palette or hide a tablet or capsule inside a bit of chewable substance and give it o them directly int the mouth. As stated earlier, equestrians have been added to serving horses with natural CBD in their everyday routines.

Another important feature is that the tincture must have less than 0.2%-0.3% THC in it, the psychoactive component found in Hemp plants. Most store-bought products when extracted remove this, but there can still be traces of it in them. Otherwise, you risk your stallion being extremely calm, and slow for the races. Not a winning situation to be in.

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Reasons He Deserves Some

There are many motives why you should include him into the dosage for CBD, after all, if you would take it as a holistic benefit to your health, we’re sure he would profit from it too. There are several reasons why you can introduce them to him. As mentioned earlier some horses go through a lot of strain when racing or show-jumping and CBD can provide that extra “blanket” of comfort to their muscles and joints.

It has been known to help ease many ailments in animals which include, tenderness, discomfort, nervousness, chronic stress disorders and stiffness or soreness in their limbs and spine. It can also help them sleep better which means they will be ripe and ready for what the day throws at them, be it show-jumping, racing or acrobats!

The main reason for this is because of the internal system present in most animals with spines – The ECS, endocannabinoid system, when CBD is introduced to it, it can do wonders for the circulatory system!