Call a personal injury lawyer in Colorado right after your car accident! 

A serious car accident can cause substantial injuries. You have medical bills to pay, and at least for a while, you may be out of work. The insurance adjuster of the party at fault may contact you immediately for a quick settlement, but the amount is likely to be way lesser than what you deserve for your physical pain and losses. Colorado follows the comparative fault rule, which means that if you have a part role in the accident, your compensation will reduce. Following the crash or collision, you should contact a Pueblo car accident lawyer immediately. Here’s more on aspects that matter for car accident claims. 

Circumstances when you definitely need a car accident lawyer

  1. Your suffered serious injuries
  2. You lost a loved one in the accident
  3. Your injuries are likely to impact your life and work ahead
  4. You have received a call from the at-fault party’s insurance company
  5. You are partly at fault for the accident
  6. The fault is unclear

Working with an attorney

Colorado has a statute of limitations, like most states, for filing personal injury lawsuits following a car accident. The deadline is three years, and the clock starts ticking from the date of the accident. For property damage cases and lawsuits, the deadline is two years. You need an attorney who is accessible and can start working on the case right away. An experienced car accident lawyer is your best bet at ensuring that you don’t settle for anything less that what you deserve. In Colorado, there is a limit to what you can get through compensation for noneconomic injuries, for which the advice of your car accident lawyer is important. 

Steps to take before meeting an attorney

Before you go ahead and talk to an attorney, a few steps are important. Firstly, ensure that you gather evidence for your case, which will be handy for your lawyer. Following the accident, try to take pictures if you feel okay, or else, at least try to write down all details you can remember. If you can remember witnesses or other details like number plate of the vehicles involved in the accident, your lawyer can find out the rest. Also, ensure that you share your expenses following the accident, including medical receipts and bills. 

Hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible, so that they can start working on the case from day one.