A Beginner’s Guide To How Businesses Can Benefit From Encryption

Are you a business that collects information from its customers like-?

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth dates
  • Email-ID
  • Cell phone number
  • Social Security Number

If you do, you need to abide by the government’s rules and regulations on the safety of maintaining PII or Personally Identifiable Information. If you do not maintain adequate levels of security as outlined by the government, you stand the chance of being sued, if the PII is accessed by third-parties, stolen, or lost.

Encryption is a way of protecting files, data, folders, and any other relevant information that is considered important. In this article, we are going to look at the fundamentals of encryption.

We discuss what is it, how it works, and why it is high time businesses need to invest in upgraded encryption like a pki certificate.

Encryption: Meaning and Definition

In its most basic form, encryption means the scrambling of text, images, data, and videos to ensure that unauthorized users do not get access to the same. A business can encrypt practically anything and everything that it deems to be important-

  1. Individual standalone Files on a System (Word Documents, Excel Sheets, etc.)
  2. Selected Folders that house Important Data
  3. USB Drives, Pen Drives, External Hard Disks, and Memory Cards
  4. Cloud Storage Solutions- Files and Folders on the Cloud
  5. Internal Partitions on a Computer System

Encryption is cryptography, that uses a mathematical model and algorithms to jumble up the meaning, words, alphabets, and numbers. The same can only be decoded by the receiver if he or she possesses the password.

In the United States, AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard is followed. It utilizes three kinds of keys to unlock- 128 bits, 192 bits, and 256 bits. The third one is the strongest.

Why do Businesses need to Use Encryption to Maintain the Safety of Data?

As more and more businesses have taken to tech and digital touchpoints, the same has given rise to increased chances of cyberattacks taking place.

According to data, a new cyberattack is orchestrated once every twenty seconds on businesses. The nature and threat of the same have become so dangerous that it can amount to anything from financial losses to complete closure and shutdowns of businesses.

The release of confidential consumer data on the darknet is a serious danger for businesses. They stand to lose credibility, face lawsuits, attract cancellation of licenses, and even jail terms for the higher management.

This has made businesses take help from security vendors that specialize in encryption services like the issuing of PKI Certificates. In the following section, we will discuss a bit more about what is PKI and how it can help businesses.

PKI Certificates: The Highest Form of Encryption to Boost Security Online

In very simple words, PKI or Public Key Infrastructure stands for the issuing of two main things-

  • Digital Certificates that help in proving the authenticity and correct ownership
  • Keys- Public and Private Encryption Keys, that along with the Digital Certificate can help access data

As you can see from the above, PKI is a full-proof and cohesive method of ensuring and promoting security in the online world. It has become a critical component of businesses looking to protect internal and external communications within an organization.

Unless a receiver has his or her Digital certificate and Private Key (that is issued by the Certificate Authority), they cannot access data, communication, and other information of the business. PKI has emerged as the highest focal point of encryption services that are aiding and helping businesses push for better safety and security in the face of cyberattacks.

The Bottom Line

All businesses, regardless of their shape and size need to invest in cybersecurity solutions. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, their threat perception is more serious as they do not have the resources of their bigger counterparts. Investing in encryption of the likes of PKI is like insurance to help your business in the event something goes wrong.