5 Things You Need to Do Before and After A Full Body Spray Tan?

Glowing skin is sexy at any time of the year. Getting a tan used to be only possible after staying for hours under the sun, and this isn’t possible during the winter. Thanks to innovations in full body spray tanning, a warm and sexy glow are possible even during colder months. 

Before getting a full body spray tan, here are 5 things you need to do:

  1. Exfoliate – Get rid of dead skin cells before going for your spray tan. This way, you get an even surface and the tan doesn’t “chip off” when the dead skin cells start to slough off in the shower. The recommended time is 12 hours before your appointment.
  2. Remove unwanted hair –  Much like exfoliation, shaving or waxing is advisable so the skin surface is even, but do this about 48 hours before your full body spray tan schedule. Unwanted hair will cause an uneven surface and even ugly blotches where the hairs are longer. 
  3. Avoid showers – Not forever, but only right before your appointment. Warm/hot water opens up your pores so showering right before your appointment can leave you with larger pores and this might lead to having “dark spots” across your new full-body spray tan. Showering at least 4 hours before your appointment gives your pores enough time to settle back into their normal size and give you that even glow.
  4. Avoid oils –  If you are fond of applying oil-based moisturizers or serums, skipping them before your appointment will help you get a gorgeous full body spray tan. The oils might interact with the spray tan formula, and you will not get your desired effect. The salon technician will apply some moisturizer on your skin during the session, so no need to worry about dehydrated skin before a spray tan.
  5. Don’t forget the face – Of course, to get the full effect of a full-body spray tan, the face needs the same attention as the entire body. Skip the makeup or any other skincare regimen that will interact with the formula. 

So now that you’re all prepped up for the full body spray tan, what should you do after? Here are 5 things to remember after your appointment.

  1. Loose-fitting clothes. It’s tempting to show off your glowing skin right after a spray tan, but it’s best to wait 24 hours before wearing anything tight to avoid getting scratches on your tan or having them rub off on your clothes and shoes. 
  2. Ditch the underwear. As with tip number 1, this is considered “tight-fitting” and can rub off on your newly bronzed body even if there are places that didn’t get the spray. Since these two tips may not be the most ideal for going out, it’s best to avoid other appointments, at least for the next 24 hours. 
  3. Avoid makeup. Yes, makeup will still interact with the new layer of a full-body spray tan, so it’s best to skip the makeup routine. Let your skin breathe and the spray tan settle in order to get the maximum effects and to make it last longer. 
  4. Avoid sweating. Or any form of moisture for that matter, at least for the next 5 hours. This includes water or anything that can drip on you and wash off the full-body spray tan formula. 
  5. Moisturize. When you finally do get to take a shower, that would be about 4-5 hours after your appointment, here’s where you can pile on the moisturizer. This is one step you shouldn’t miss doing every single day to keep that gorgeous glow until your next appointment. 

With so many different salons offering a variety of options, getting a full body spray tan is not too difficult and not too expensive anymore. However, even if you go to the best salons, preparation and aftercare are key to keeping that warm sexy glow as beautiful as if you were kissed by the sun itself.