5 Effective Tips to Take Care of your Precision cutting tools

The world’s best measuring instruments are all but worthless, if they do not function properly and can’t be relied on to provide reliable and accurate results. To keep precision cutting tools perfectly precise with a high level of reliability and accuracy, you must keep your gauges in optimal condition by taking proper care of them. 

There is a wide range of different precision cutting tools available, but, no matter which ones you use, it is essential that proper care is necessary, to be able to depend on them for accuracy.

1. Prevent corrosion by lubricating precision cutting tools appropriately

You can prevent damage due to oxidation and corrosion by lubricating your precision cutting tools. Each tool should be lightly dabbed with anti-rust oil after each use. Ensure that any excess oil is removed from metal surfaces with a dry and clean cloth. It is also important to store your precision cutting tools in a dry place.

2. Proper Handling during use

It is important to protect your precision cutting tools from harm. Be careful by not dropping, throwing, or banging instruments against hard surfaces. You also want to avoid permitting it to either heat up or cool down as expansion and contraction can alter the calibration of precision cutting tools. You should always attempt to keep it within a range of normal room temperatures. Precision cutting tools for measuring should be used for that alone – measuring. For instance, using your vernier caliper as a line marker or micrometers for little hammers will certainly damage them.

3. Proper storage for precision cutting tools

Be sure to keep your precision cutting tools in a location that is well-protected from destructive elements. Their accuracy is affected if you lay them in direct sunlight or on a heat source. Storing precision instruments where they can jostle against one another in a drawer, can cause significant damage. Instead, you could use dividers to separate the precision cutting tools from one another or use padded cases, so they are well-protected. Keeping your precision cutting tools too close to a magnetized surface or magnet can wreak havoc. 

4. Sharpening essential components

For precision cutting tools designed for slicing, chopping, or sharpening, these tools must maintain their sharpness. Sharpness is crucial as you want to make sure that materials are cut and accurately shaped producing high production quality.

5. Assistance from Professionals

Often precision cutting tools require professional assistance for re-calibration to ensure they work and function as designed. Having a professional relationship with a quality cutting tool expert is important. For instance, Suncoast Precision Tools provide outstanding service to get the work done quickly, so you can put your tools to use as soon as possible.

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