3 Best Ways to Expand a Pool Business


Building a pool company into a successful business takes a long time. Therefore, after you’ve achieved some level of success, you’ll feel like it may be time to expand your business. Besides, the use of pool service software from also makes your service department even more efficient.  The three best ways you can use to expand your pool business includes adding more ideas for your present location and a possibility of other businesses.


People looking to buy pools and pool owners require services. As such, pool owners will frequently require cleaning and repair services. They also need help when closing and opening pools every year. They even look for a company that can install an electric pool cover or set up a pool enclosure over their pool. Again, new pool owners require a pool installation. With that in mind, as you expand your business, consider establishing a pool services division that you can monitor from your Pool Office Manager software. This will involve hiring and outfitting your maintenance and cleaning staff. Your maintenance crew will need cleaning supplies and equipment and a reliable van. As for your installation team, you could collaborate with a local contractor to offer pool services to your customers. This means you’ll get a fraction of the job with the contractor getting continuous work.


Work with other local companies to offer their employees discounts. Also, you could offer discounts to a local organization, members of particular groups, and government employees. You can offer discounts ranging between 5-10% off the total pool installation cost, or 10% discount off of pool supplies by offering group discounts, you’ll be able to increase your company’s visibility. Thus you’ll be able to reach people who may never have thought of getting a pool. Plus customers who will be receiving group discounts will feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. Also, you can take advantage of your association with local companies and do presentations to their employees and discuss the benefits they’ll enjoy by owning a pool.


Another good way you can expand your pool business is by opening more business locations, however, this requires planning. Take several months for collecting your customer’s ZIP codes to identify those areas where your products are already being sold. You might find that many customers have to drive 10 miles to get to your store, however outside the 10 miles your client base starts to decline. Run a demographic search for those ZIP codes you aren’t selling into to find out if your target customers are out there. Also, drive through areas you have in mind to verify the kind of existing pool store competition the area has, and even estimate the number of people who already have pools. When you find that there’s a large pool-owner populace but no competition, you could consider starting a smaller business that only specializes in pool accessories and maintenance chemicals then grow it over time into a full pool store.

As we close, expanding your business might involve things like starting a pool services division, opening stores in other locations, or offering discounts to help increase your visibility. This will in turn help you reach more people who might never have thought of getting a pool.