4 Advantages of Buying Candles Made From Soy Wax

Every person wants something that can help them alleviate their stress from working or studying too much. Usually, they would use small plants in a pot, picture frames with calming photos, or series lights that can be hung strategically. Another strategy that you can use as a stress reliever is wax candles.

However, you can find that soy wax candles are slowly becoming a trend because of their many advantages. They work the same way as any other wax candle, but they have soy mixed in them because they can slow down the oil’s melting. So, if you are not fully convinced about getting them, you should learn and understand their benefits.

  1. Soy Wax Is Completely Organic

One beneficial aspect of candles made from soy wax is that their ingredients are organic. The soy ingredient within the soy wax is derived from soybeans, which is far less dangerous than its other counterpart, paraffin wax. Keep in mind that paraffin wax is the most common type of wax used by candles, and they are derived from a refined gasoline product.

If you compare the two, soybeans are far safer than petroleum because soybeans can be eaten naturally. In contrast, petroleum contains dangerous contaminants that can potentially cause cancer and damage reproductive organs. So, you have to keep yourself or the others around you safe by replacing your old wax paraffin wax candles with ones made from soy wax.

  1. Lasts Longer Than Other Types of Candles

As mentioned before, soy wax candles can reduce the oil’s melting point, giving you more illumination. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, which is another good reason to switch all of your candles with ones made from soy wax. While some may think that it is expensive to get candles made of soy wax, you should consider it an investment since the flame will not die out right away.

Moreover, if you are particular with scents, soy wax has the ability to control the heat of the flame and preserve the wax’s scent. You can expect your entire area to be filled with the alluring scent from the candles. Usually, high-quality candle manufacturers use a specific method that lets the candle burn longer while still giving out a scent.

  1. Easy to Clean 

If hot soy wax overflows and spills to the ground, you can clean it easily by using hot water and soap. On the other hand, the candle wax that overflows can become a hassle for many, especially when people place their candles on tables or surfaces that are too fragile that one scratch can cause damage. Fortunately, you will never have to experience that with wax candles made of soy because they can be cleaned easily.

  1. Faster Production 

At one point, you may need a specific soy wax candle from a shop, but they cannot sell you one because they ran out of stock. Fortunately, you do not have to wait long for your favourite soy wax candle to be available because it can be made right away. Meanwhile, you should know that soybeans are grown extensively and that many candle manufacturers have an abundant resource of it, making their production process smoother and faster.

You can always start by buying a single soy wax candle, and then you can work your way towards buying sets that you can place everywhere around your room.