13 Pinterest Facts You Don’t Know About

The social image sharing platform rapidly grew. When it launched an application for iOS in 2011, its success skyrocketed, cementing its name in history as one of the social media giants of today.

Its main attraction point is that it is primarily a website for people to share images, smaller animated gifs, and videos via pinboards. It is quite similar to Instagram, except the focus is on the image and not on the user. The unique way that Pinterest presents itself to users and visitors has always captivated socialites on the internet, and here are some facts that you may not know about.

Pinterest Button

The Pinterest button, or more famously known as the Save Button, allows users to pin anything interesting that is found elsewhere on the internet. Ideas like recipes, interior designs, and house renovation projects can be kept without having to go through any hassle. These Pinterest facts will also merit a press of that lovely button in the future.

Pinterest Lens

The Pinterest lens is used as a built-in camera tool and the later addition of a lens upgrade, which is Try On. It is useful as it allows you to take a picture of anything you want and find related content for it on the internet. The Try On feature gives users the ability to try on any product items that are pinned. These are handy tools, especially for business catalogs and retail stores.

Dark Mode

While not being the most obnoxious idea, Pinterest came late to the interface customization party as the feature was only added in September of 2019. The new dark mode toggle is available for Android and iOS devices and was added for a lesser strain on the eyes during evening use.

Promoted Pins

If you want to know how you are supporting the company, you’ll be surprised to learn that Pinterest makes money off promoted pins. They serve as the company’s official advertisement option, generating as much as $756 million in revenue in the year 2018. Pinterest benefits from all of the support they get from their dedicated audience.

Launch Date Madness

If Pinterest’s scale as a platform hasn’t sunk into you yet, here’s a great way to grasp that idea. Ten thousand concurrent users were already on Pinterest within nine months after it launched almost ten years ago. That was already setting records back then as there weren’t as many people on smartphones and personal computers.

The Idea Generator

Pinterest is such a great way to get inspiration if you are looking for something to spark a creative fire in you. It has been famously dubbed the ‘drawer of ideas’ for some people, and that’s somewhat believable with the way Pinterest can generate ideas for people. The ability to share images, videos, and various visual content makes for a reliable creativity source.

User Reception

Pinterest users will 95% of the time say that their experience using the platform was nothing short of inspirational and very motivating to do the stuff they always wanted to do. Planning, projects, and most memorable events can be seen as being inspired by Pinterest content.

Coronavirus Effect

Despite being a very influential platform for visual content, Pinterest is affected by the coronavirus situation and is still recovering from the aftermath. This is expected, as it is primarily a social media website that focuses on images and videos. Psychological trauma can lead users to avoid such places on the internet.

Logo Origins

The concept for the Pinterest logo can be credited to Michael Deal and Juan Carlos Pagan. The original design for the logo had a somewhat shadowy and curved effect. Still, because of the eagerness to create something unique, they decided to remove the bordered shadow effect to have a more out-of-the-box design.

The Universal P

If you haven’t already noticed, Pinterest keeps the same “P” logo on all versions of the application as well as their website. Some criticized the logo for not having a very professional look and had a somewhat hippie/businessman crossover theme going on.

The Rebirth

2017 was a year where smartphones took upgrades to a new level, and Pinterest noticed this trend, so the company decided to make the boldest move in Pinterest history, the overhaul, and restructuring of the Pinterest application. The development team promised a more user-friendly experience for people on low bandwidth and limited data plans that didn’t compromise browsing quality.

Special Workforce

Pinterest is an application made purely for visual content, but if you didn’t already know, they have real human beings working tirelessly to make our lives easier. The company owes the entire organization’s success to the efforts and dedication of its so-called Pinployees.

A Female Touch

Pinterest has been reported by reliable sources and data mining experts to be more popular with women as the tallied accounts see female accounts outnumbering male accounts by a reasonable margin. This isn’t a surprise, though, as the website has more female-oriented content than males.


Whatever purpose you have for browsing for visual content online, Pinterest has got you covered. With the application having a long-standing reputation for being reliable and relatively easy to understand, getting an idea or inspiration should be easy.