10 Game-changing applications of IoT

IoT or the internet of things is evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. It is being incorporated by-products, companies, and applications which clearly shows the benefits of IoT in our day to day living

Here are some top game-changing applications of IoT led by companies that have been able to prove how IoT is all set to change the future.

1.) SkyBell

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that lets you see, speak and hear the visitors who are visiting your home, irrelevant of whether or not you are at home. The smart doorbell will send a live video in HD format to your smartphone. It also has a motion sensor and a full-colour night vision that alerts you even when the visitor does not press your doorbell. SkyBell today has partnered with some of the top security providers across the world.

2.) June

Another company that has incorporated the applications of IoT is June. June has used IoT to design an intelligent convection oven that can identify what you are cooking. It has a camera installed that sees you cook and offers suggestions on how you can prepare the meal. You can easily watch the cooking process from your smartwatch or phone. It is now all about cooking smart meals that are tastier with no mistakes in temperature and timing.

3.) MyMDBand

The emergency medical bracelet is a wearable band and it offers medical information about the person who wears this band. This uses the location and GPS information which in turn adapts to the local language where the wearer presently is. Any healthcare worker can scan the QR code that is laser engraved and get all the health details about the wearer. This could be information on any previous allergies or health problems as well as the current medications that the patient is on. The IoT bracelet also alerts the emergency contacts giving an instant update of the wearer’s present location and situation.

4.) Samsara

The IoT data platform is used by fleet and industrial applications to offer assistance with asset utilization, energy monitoring, and tracking of the vehicle. Samsara makes use of IoT for power monitoring.

5.) Awair

Awair is a device that monitors the air conditioning and offers benefits to the consumers that use the product. The internet of things applications will check the chemicals and toxins in the air and offer suggestions on ways to improve the quality of air. The tips and insights are delivered on the application. It also is attached to the smart devices at home to turn on the humidifier that is connected with your home network.

6.) Kohler

Kohler integrates the IoT modern technology into its products. Perfect for your smart bathroom, the device checks the temperature outside and then sets the right water temperature for you to take a shower as soon as you get up. Your toilet seat and bath floor also get warmed to the right temperature. This is one of the amazing applications of IoT to make life comfortable.

7.) Ray

Ray gives you a peek into how the future television remotes will look like. The smartphone platform works with many devices so you will not need a remote control anymore. It controls all the entertainment devices and also gives you recommendations as per your content preferences.

8.) Eight

Now measure your sleep with Eight. The company uses IoT to combine your sleep and data letting you sleep well. It has a sensor that fits on any mattress and transforms your bed into a smart bed. Get daily sleep reports every morning.

9.) Johnnie Walker

IoT is now in a bottle of whisky too. The technology serves many purposes for both the consumer and the company. Every bottle has a unique identifier that checks the bottle status in the supply chain to check the tags and see if the bottle has in any way been tampered with or if it is a counterfeit product.

10.) Crowne Plaza

Save yourself from searching for a parking space in a hotel. Crowne Plaza has taken care of this issue with IoT technology that lets staff and visitors get an idea of the parking status in real-time. This offers a seamless experience to all. When guests arrive the staffs immediately direct them to the empty parking space which saves time.


IoT is a major revolution. From making innovative products for consumers to platform development and industrial hardware, the uses of IoT are many. IoT provides an exciting future to improve connectivity and better the work and life while at the same time ensuring that the data stays protected. As IoT continues to develop the future will see it getting incorporated in many more things that will find use in our daily lives.

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