Why it is Important to Educate Children About Oral Hygiene

Ask any top educator and they will tell you that the first seven years of a child’s life are the critical ones; the formative years when the right education is needed, which forms habits that remain with the person for the rest of their life. Oral health is obviously an important aspect of day-to-day life and instilling this in our kids can be a challenge, yet it is something we should strive to do.

Start at a young age

While we can’t really teach toddlers things, we can put them in the right environment and act as the perfect role model; young children are trying to process the world around them and the best way to involve a toddler in oral health is to include them in a group brushing and flossing activity. Find cartoons designed to teach kids about the importance of good oral hygiene and watch with your children, answering any questions they may have.

Child-friendly dentist

Once you have located a child-friendly dentist in Narre Warren, make an initial family appointment and the dentist will start to form a bond with your child. A dentist who is trained in engaging kids can establish an interest in oral hygiene; the days of painful dental treatment are long gone; there is no reason to fear the dentist’s chair. The reception area would have a lot of resources for kids, all designed to educate about oral hygiene.

Setting lifelong habits

In many cases, habits we form as children stay with us and while it might take a couple of years, when your kids automatically head for the bathroom after a meal to brush their teeth, that’s a job well done! We are, by nature, creatures of habit and if we don’t have an oral care regime, that in itself will become a habit. Give rewards for good work on the oral care side and it is good to discuss things; children are curious by nature and can be guided into a topic. Education is vital; here is an informative article on education and the important subjects to study.

Sugar-free diet

As a parent, you should be closely monitoring your child’s diet, especially soft drinks and candy that might be high in sugar content; most products have a sugar-free version and we all know that sugar is food for bad oral bacteria. Eliminating sugar from your diet is never going to be a bad thing, but if you can’t manage elimination, avoid certain foods and drinks and this will mean less chance of cavities when your kids visit the dentist.

Once you understand the importance of educating your child about oral hygiene, it won’t be long before you work out a plan to help your son or daughter gain a deeper understanding of oral health. This is one aspect of parenting and, of course, leading by example is always the best approach. Children are smart and quickly understand that what you say and what you do are different; be the best possible role model of what you are trying to teach and you will be successful.