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Why Is Eating Together on a Dining Table Important?  

Lots of special moments happen during dinner. It is when family members share thoughts and show love and care to others.  

All these happen in one of the most favourite household furniture, the dining table. This makes it a necessity for every home. Dining with family at home for at least once every day is said to impact each family member significantly. This is especially true for children, not only for their nutritional needs but also in many aspects of their lives.   

Below are some studies that prove that eating at home together on a dining table positively affects the family.  

It impacts the children’s upbringing  

According to a study at Columbia University, eating at home with the family creates a good relationship between the parents and their teenage kids. This good relationship keeps teens from bad habits, such as substance abuse.  

Moreover, in 2004, Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine said that kids of ages 11-18 regularly eating with their parents are less likely to suffer depression and suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, they perform better at school. These kids are also more likely to have a more supportive circle of friends and less likely to have trouble with the law.  

It has been consistently found that eating together as a family builds trust, confidence against peer pressure, values, and expectations.  

Kids eat healthily  

A survey from 2000 found that kids of ages 9-14 who regularly dine with their families eat more veggies and fruits and less fried foods and soda. It has also found that these kids’ diets are high in nutrients, such as fibre, calcium, and iron.  

According to Matthew W. Gillman, MD, Obesity Prevention Program’s survey lead researcher at the Harvard Medical School, family dinners let the members discuss the nutrition and provision of healthy foods.

It teaches values 

It is said that the dining table and the activities around it, ranging from serving the food to cleaning it up, are the best place and ways for the parents to teach values to their kids. When families sit around the table with no gadgets around and communicate with each other, the parents can teach great lessons to their kids.

It relieves stress

As an adult, plenty of things can cause stress, such as your job, the bills, and other responsibilities. However, it has been found that eating with your family around your dining table can make you feel less stressed.   

The researchers at Brigham Young University conducted a study on IBM workers in 2008. They’ve found that eating with the family reduces tension and the strains to moms working long hours in the office.  

A nice dining table comes with plenty of benefits in the family, especially to a growing child. Besides the nutritional benefits, a warm, home-cooked meal on top of their table allows them to feel their parents’ love and care.   

Moreover, sitting around the table to eat gives the family members the chance to talk about their day, share problems, and show support. Hence, these kids will grow up as good persons and raise their kids the same way. This makes the humble table in your dining room one of the most important furniture pieces in your home.