Why Do You Need an Attorney to Get Worker’s Compensation After an Injury?

If you are injured at your workplace, it is well within your rights to ask for compensation. The money from the compensation goes towards treating your injuries and taking care of you and your family’s expenses while recuperating. 

While some employers will promptly pay the compensation, it is not so easy in other cases. An attorney can help you in such cases to get compensation from your employer or insurer if workplace accidents and injuries take place. Here are some cases in which you might need an attorney. 

1. To Negotiate With the Insurers

If the insurance agency does not want to admit your claim, an attorney can help you with it. The insurance companies make huge profits when they charge premiums but will often make excuses when making a claim. They might undermine your injury, and in your injured condition, you might not be in a position to negotiate with them. 

Let an attorney take care of the matter. The insurance company takes better note of a situation when an attorney approaches them. 

2. Assistance During the Hearing

Not all compensation claims have hearings, but when they do, you need legal help, for example, an attorney from the Law Offices of James V. Monaghan, to present your case in the best possible light in the court of law. The matter goes for hearing only when the insurance company or employer makes unreasonable attempts at settling the matter for a minimal compensation amount. 

An attorney will present your rights as an injured worker and systematically present all evidence to ensure that you get your compensation. 

3. Understanding Compensation Rules and Regulations

When it comes to compensation rules and regulations, things can become quite complicated, and you might not know all about it as a layman. There are several clauses and sub-clauses about accidents and injuries in the workplace that are meant for the benefit of the injured worker. 

But how will you make use of them if you do not know what they are or what they mean? An attorney will explain these laws and regulations to you and use them to get you compensation if the matter goes to court. 

4. Ensuring You Get Good Treatment

The doctor’s verdict is of utmost importance in a compensation claim. Their word about the nature of the injury, how it has disrupted your life, and whether the injury will have any long term implications or whether it will result in any disability is given a lot of importance. 

An attorney will present all the medical records and data and will also call upon the doctor as a witness if needed. With an attorney representing you, the employer will also take on greater responsibility for your medical care as he knows he is under scrutiny. 

5. Access To Other Rights and Benefits

In some cases, your compensation claim seems to be going on smoothly. Your employer or the insurance company readily pays the amount you had demanded as compensation. However, that might not be the entire picture. Depending on your location, you might be entitled to certain other rights and indemnity benefits, which the employer or insurer will not tell you about. 

In some cases, you are also entitled to free medical evaluation after sixty days or ninety days. These additional benefits are your rights, and an attorney will ensure that you get all of them because they are better informed about the state rules and laws.

With an attorney, you have far greater chances of getting compensated for an injury you suffered at the workplace. They will assist you in every possible way so that you can claim what is rightfully yours without any hassles.