What’s The History Behind The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar?

Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is an interesting piece for any coin collector to procure for their collection. With its rich history and striking design, it is certainly a conversation starter.

This coin is valued at $1 USD and contains 90% silver and 10% copper. Obtaining a true 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coin should be done through a reputable coin dealer. This particular coin was minted, and the Peace Dollar came out later that same year. Be mindful of mint marks and other telling marks on the coin to be sure of its value.

The Original

The original Morgan Silver Dollar coin was minted between 1878 and 1904. Of interest during this time, was an act passed in 1890 stating that the design and die for minted coins is essentially not to change more than once every 25 years. The design was upheld and minted until the supply of silver bullion was diminished in the treasury in 1904. Some years later, in 1910, the die for this particular coin was destroyed and minting of Morgan Silver Dollars was expected to stop.

The Pittman Act

Just before the 1920’s, there was a call for redesign of the silver dollar coin. Just shortly after the Pittman Act that passed in 1918, silver coins in the United States were melted for their silver bullion to help ease currency related tensions due to World War I. Melting silver coins was a way to sell silver bullion for $1 USD per Troy ounce while reserving our nation’s gold rations. A provision in this act allowed for new silver coinage to be minted, to replace those melted down. This was what allowed for the new minting to take place just a few years later once a design was approved.

New Master Die

Settling in a new design for the beauty meant of this American currency was not the only struggle. In 1910, the master died because the coins had been disposed of because we did not anticipate bringing them back into circulation. Because of this, an entirely new master die had to be formulated to mint these coins. When searching for a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar, be sure to look for the minute details. These coins were only minted in Denver that year so you will be on the lookout for a small “D” on the reverse side, just above the word “Dollar” on the coins edge.

A Piece of History

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar coin truly is a commemorative part of both United States and world history. The combination of American activism and world turmoil allowed for a circumstance that required our nation to begin minting silver coinage again. After war and the necessity of melting coins for silver bullion, an art piece was born, with its reinvented design and artistic flair. The reimagined liberty smiles on one side with the American Eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch on the reverse. We too as a people carry on, smiling toward the future, ready to embrace peace, but prepared for war if need be.