What Is A ‘D’ Cell Solvent Trap?

A solvent trap is a firearm accessory used by gun owners to clean their rifles and pistols. Made of various types of metals, designs and finishes, this cylindrical tube is attached to a the threaded barrel of a firearm and then sealed off with an endcap. This setup then collects and stores any excess solvents or liquids accumulated during the cleaning process, as well as any debris or deposits that result from the flushing of the firearm. Once collected the trap can be removed for the waste to then be disposed of efficiently or recycled for reuse for those environmentally-minded firearms owners. 

The ‘D’ labeling denotes the sizing of a solvent trap, specifically referring to the diameter measurement. A ‘D Cell’ solvent trap typically has a 1.5” outer diameter (OD)and a 1.375” internal diameter(ID). The “D Cell” measurement actually originates from While this measurement is a fairly standard measurement, it does come with some variation from manufacturer to manufacturer and allows for fluctuations in the firearm makes and models. Please note, our Armory Den D Cell Solvent Trap tubes measure an outer diameter of 1.73” while maintaining an internal diameter of 1.375”. Therefore, the internal diameter of the Armory Den D Cell Solvent Trap Kit is a D-Cell Diameter and the K Cups that come with the solvent trap kit are of a D Cell diameter, but the outer diameter is not a traditional D Cell measurement. 

Although this is unique to our items, this should not affect most firearm cleanings. Our Armory Den D Cell Solvent Trap Tubes are sold in a 9” tube length, upgraded from the original and previous 7” length kit. This allows for a perfect fit for up to a total of 8, K storage cups.

Why Use A Solvent Trap?

Most firearm owners will agree that it is extremely important to maintain your firearm by cleaning after each use. Not only will this ensure the maximum performance of a firearm, but also will extend the lifespan of your weapon. Let’s be honest, while we all invest in firearms to be ready should we need them, we also hope to never need to use them in a self-defense situation. With that being said, a regular cleaning ensures greater safety and dependability should you need it, but also protects your investment as well.

We can not overstate the importance of educating yourself on the simple yet fundamental process of firearms cleaning, and in understanding the proper procedures and tools to use.

Top Quality Solvent Traps, Tubes, and Cups:

Along with sizes and dimensions, the materials used for solvent traps may also vary. Common materials seen on the market used from other manufacturers include stainless steel, carbon steel, lightweight high-grade titanium, and various forms of aluminum. The Armory Den D Cell Solvent trap tube is made of high-grade aluminum. Our 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum is made for a strong, thick wall tube, that allows for increased rigidity and durability.

The end cap threading allows for easy swapping and is anodized in a deep and sleek black color. The thread pitch on this solvent trap is M36x1.25. Being that this solvent trap uses a less common euro metric thread, it is important to understand that the Amory Den D Cell Solvent Trap Tube was created to be used in direct thread configurations, there are not boosters or trilug muzzle devices on the market with such a thread pattern. Our professional solvent trap kit includes everything you need to safely clean your firearm. Designed to create a tight seal from barrel to tube in order to reduce the mess of dirty solvent spilling from your barrel onto the ground, also doing our part to be ecofriendly and reduce the small, yet negative impact on the environment.

Cautions & Disclaimers:

A solvent trap, or tube and endcap, could basically be described as a barrel plug or stopper. These are common materials used with the intent of catching and trapping firearm cleaning solvents, during the bore cleaning operations. While a solvent trap is designed to attach to the muzzle of a firearm, it is in no instance to be used to silence, muffle, or diminish the report of a firearm.

They do not have any design features that could allow for a bullet to safely pass through them and they do not have any design features, such as markings or dimples that would indicate that Armory Den produces them with any intent for the customers other than being used as solvent traps. Solvent Trap parts are sold for cleaning purposes only, and any other use could be a BATF violation and could be a felony; we urge readers to visit Armory Den’s Legal Den area for more information on this topic.