What Impacts the Cost of your West Virginia Car Insurance?

Have you wondered why insurance companies do not rate all vehicles or people at the same prices? Only a few people understand how car insurance works, let alone how their own insurance company adjusts the prices of their premiums.

This article will give you a few basic ideas that you can use to understand the system better and how you can have more choices. You will also see that it is time to learn how to use the car insurance negotiation skills that you may already possess.

Demographics and Risk Evaluation

In many cases, car insurance will be cheaper for older people and more expensive for younger people – primarily because younger people seem more likely to crash. Insurance companies want to minimize the number of times they actually have to pay out.

The higher a person’s estimated risk rating, the more they will have to pay in terms of insurance premiums. This can be hard to get around, but it is sometimes possible to prove you are not likely to crash with the right documentation.

Coverage Type

Many people simply assume that all insurance provides the same coverage, but this is untrue. Many policies only cover a portion of the car in terms of physical damage to the vehicle or particular types of accidents. For example, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are not necessarily going to overlap.

You might find that your car insurance company has several policies or a bundle of different policies. A bundle of policies means that your overall cost will be lower, and you will get certain protections or coverages for free. These are great, but if you do not understand how the bundle of policies works, you could end up without an important piece of insurance.


One of the most obvious but often overlooked ways insurance companies charge more or less comes from the vehicle or vehicle miles driven. More time on the road means more chances to crash, and some car insurance companies will deny claims if your mileage is much higher than you initially reported.

However, if you do not drive all that much, expect lower premiums. This is because you are far less likely to crash, and therefore the insurance will be less likely to pay out.


The vehicle itself matters a lot, too. Some companies offer discounts for anti-theft and safety features (since these will reduce the chance of an accident or theft), while custom paint jobs and bespoke modifications can actually increase the cost (since this is more value that needs to be replaced if something goes wrong).

The answer is that car insurance companies are not really interested in your car, but in the costs and risks, it represents. The more likely you are to crash and the more that they would have to pay if you did, the more they will want to charge you for insurance.

Finding cost-effective car insurance is not hard, though – you just need to know where to look. Online reviews and comparison sites can be a great place to start, especially if this is your first time looking for car insurance.