What can CBD Strains Do to your Body?

Cannabidiol, which is popularly known as CBD is one of the two major compounds found in the cannabis plant. While there are hundreds of other compounds in the plant, THC and CBD are the predominant ones and the ratio of their strengths determines the effect of the plant on the body. It has been a well-documented fact that THC is responsible for the conventional euphoric “high” associated with cannabis use while CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that CBD does not produce a “high”.

Although CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, it does affect the human psyche and physiology in a myriad of ways and CBD has become a popular form of alternative medicine used in the treatment of various ailments like chronic pain and anxiety. Different concentrations and strains of CBD are used to treat a lot of problems with a lot of people hailing it as a miracle cure while skeptics consider it a placebo. However, the effects of CBD have been studied and documented in recent years and although it might not be a cure-all for everything, it can certainly be used to help a lot of people suffering from various ailments. The different types of CBD products are classified according to concentration. For instance, CBD Pure hemp oil would have a CBD concentration higher than regular CBD oil.

They are generally classified into three main categories, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates.

1. Full Spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the entire cannabis plant and thus contains compounds other than CBD including THC in trace amounts. This mixture is also used to alleviate pain and anxiety, the presence of THC and other cannabis compounds can lead to certain psychoactive effects. Certain people respond better to treatment when both THC and CBD are present and full-spectrum oil is for them.

2. Broad Spectrum oil is also extracted a similar method; using the cannabis plant as a whole with a significant exception, the absence of THC.  A lot of people do not respond well to THC and wish to use CBD’s therapeutic properties with the other cannabinoids for a full profile, broad-spectrum oil is perfectly suited for their needs. These oils are also handy for people who have to go through extensive drug tests because of their professions.

3. Isolates as the name suggests, are single isolated compounds from the cannabis plant. These isolates do not have any other compounds like chlorophyll and plant materials.A pure CBD isolate would only have CBD extracts and are used for treating specific ailments like SAD (Social Anxiety Disorders).

These are the three major strains of CBD oil available. You must ascertain the best CBD oil for your specific needs and ailments.

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