What Are The Most Common Causes of a Car Accident?

Car accidents are quite common in today’s world. The increasing traffic and distractions are two of the most common factors why car accidents have become a common scenario. But there are other factors as well. Whatever the reason may be, car accidents can prove to be quite damaging. They can bring many unwanted consequences such as injuries and property damages. If you were involved in a car accident and you are facing problems with compensations and claims, reach out to a Philadelphia car accident lawyer for help. Although there are many ways you can get maximum benefits from compensation to cover your losses, it is better to avoid an accident in the first place itself.

Here are some most common causes of a car accident.


When you drive, you must only drive and focus on nothing else. It is found that most accidents happen due to distracted driving. People often tend to operate mobile phones or talk with passengers while driving. This increases the risk of an accident. 

Reckless driving

Many people often drive at much more speed than they should on highways. They often exceed the given speed limit and drive their cars much faster. This is one of the most common reasons for car accidents.

Driving under influence

This reason is the most dangerous as well as a common reason for most car accidents. Driving under the influence generally means driving a car or any vehicle after drinking or consuming drugs. Drunk drivers often lose their stability and capability to focus on driving which causes huge accidents.

Ignoring traffic signals

Traffic signals are there for a reason. When you ignore a traffic signal, you not only break a traffic rule but also increase the chance of an accident. You can also fall victim to side collisions when another car runs red lights. So be careful and look both ways while crossing a green signal.

Malfunctioning of car

Not only for human reasons, but accidents can also happen due to defects in the manufacturing of a car or malfunctioning of a part of a car. It is advisable to always have regular maintenance of your car to ensure that all parts are working properly.

Driving in the wrong lane

Driving in the wrong lane or switching lanes recklessly while driving can lead to car collisions. Lanes are often one-way lanes, and you might not be aware of a car speeding down towards you even if you think the other lane is safe. In such situations, drivers often lose their instinct which results in a car accident.

These were some common reasons that cause a car accident. And, there are other reasons like the weather and the road conditions. You must be aware of these reasons to avoid car accidents.