Ways To Decorate Your Home With Candles

Candles are not just pretty to look at but they also make you feel good. They

infuse your home interiors with a scintillating aura that tends to have a positive impact on your mood. Moreover, they are deemed as one of the most romantic accessories. 

If you are looking for inspiration to uplift your home’s interiors using candles, keep reading. This article provides a dive through six simple ways to decorate your home with candles.

Let’s get started….

#1. A Subtle Centre Piece:

The most common way to use candles for your home decor is to install them as a centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table. 

For the coffee table, you can opt for pillar candles in varying heights and colors. You can also play around with shapes to add character to your space. Besides candles your dining centerpieces are not just enchanting, they are also purposeful. They create an inviting ambiance and facilitate good lighting for dinners. 

#2. By The Window:

If you love adoring the outside view by the window or just prefer to curl up a book near the window, then your windows don’t have to be plain and dull. Decorate them with a wonderful hanging candle wreath or arrange some quirky Candle Stands to turn them into an interesting space. You can also complement your candles with some green bushy planters to enhance the aesthetics of the space. 

#3. On the Porch 

What else can be more fulfilling than sitting in an open space and watching stars at night accompanied by the mood light of candles? Sounds interesting? 

This is a creative way to decorate your porch. You can opt for aromatic candles to further enhance the impact. The candles are capable to turn any space into a welcoming and warm one. There are several arrangements you can opt for to decorate your porch with candles. So, sit back, relax and watch the soothing flickering of candles at night. 

#4. Candle Cluster in Corners:

Lend an artistic touch to empty corners in your home. Select a bare spot and arrange decorative candles in interesting patterns. You can use candles in different designs, colors, and sizes. And when you’ll light this cluster of candles it will create an enticing effect in your home. 

#5. Place Candles On Working Desk:

If you want to elevate your work from home experience, put some beautiful candles on your desk. You can arrange them in a tray or install candle stands to add an interesting element to your desk. 

With a pleasing home working space, you will feel more willing to work more productively. 

#6. Use Candles To Decorate Your Bookshelf:

This is another cool way to add a pinch of sophistication to your interior decor. Place large aromatic candles in certain spots that grab attention. Apart from enhancing decor, candles will make you feel relaxed and able to concentrate better while reading. 

Lastly, you can also use candles as fragrant decors for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.