Understanding The Difference Between Zodiac Signs And Astrological Elements

Zodiac Signs And Astrological Elements

Each zodiac sign is associated with an astrological element. There are a total of twelve zodiac signs and four classical elements of nature. Learn more about the difference between signs and elements in astrology and find out which zodiac signs are associated with particular elements and modalities.

Zodiac Signs Speak To Characteristic Traits

Each zodiac sign is associated with traits that characterize individuals born under the sign. The placement of the moon and planets on your birth chart can complicate generalizations based on sun signs, which broadly represent your personality and sense of self.

The zodiac year starts with determined and stubborn Aries. Taurus has a reputation for consistency and self-absorption. Gemini is charming, yet impulsive. Cancer is loyal, but can be manipulative. Getting psychic readings for Cancer can explain how your zodiac sign relates to your personality.

Enthusiasm and egotism characterize the sign of Leo. Virgo is analytical and judgmental. Libra is cooperative, yet indecisive. Scorpio is intuitive and suspicious. Sagittarius is outspoken and opinionated. Capricorn is level-headed, but also demanding. Aquarius is creative and unpredictable. The final sign in the zodiac year is intuitive and irrational Pisces.

Elements Speak To The Energetic Spirit Of Your Zodiac

Each zodiac sign is associated with one of four classical elements: fire, earth, air and water. Three signs are associated with each element, and these signs tend to share some characteristics. Your zodiac sign, astrological element and specific birth chart placements are all relevant for psychic astrology readings.

The fire signs of the zodiac include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These signs are characterized by confidence, courageousness and independence. The earth signs, which are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, tend to be more grounded and realistic than the signs that are associated with other astrological elements.

Air is the element associated with the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air signs tend to be free-thinking intellectuals and good listeners. The water signs of the zodiac, which include Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, tend to be empathetic and imaginative.

How Modalities Affect Signs and Elements

Modalities or qualities are also significant concepts for gaining a deeper understanding of your zodiac sign and astrological element. There are three modalities: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Each category includes four zodiac signs and draws attention to similarities in these signs across elemental categories. A psychic can point out the ways that signs, elements and modalities factor into your birth chart and ongoing astrological influences.

The cardinal signs, which include the fire sign Aries, water sign Cancer, air sign Libra and earth sign Capricorn, are known for independence. Stability is the top priority for the fixed earth sign Taurus, fire sign Leo, water sign Scorpio and air sign Aquarius. The mutable signs of the zodiac, namely the air sign Gemini, earth sign Virgo, fire sign Sagittarius and water sign Pisces, are open to change.

Once you know your sun, moon and ascendant or rising signs, you can factor in the elements and modalities associated with these signs. A basic sense of these concepts can be helpful in preparation for an astrology reading.