Types of Polo Shirts and How to Style Them

Men’s fashion is a little underrated. When people hear the word fashion, the first thing that often comes to mind is women being chic and stylish. But it is important to acknowledge men in the fashion world, too.

The usual and basic outfits for grown and professional men comprise trousers and shirts paired with minimal accessories like a necklace, ring, and watch. But there are also other pieces of clothing men wear daily. Businessmen, for example, always wear formal outfits like suits and tuxedos.

However, not all men have the luxury to wear the first mentioned outfit types daily. The majority of them prefer something more comfortable and easier to access and wear. And when they think of something easy to wear and pull off, the immediate response would be to wear a simple plain or printed T-shirt with a pair of pants and sneakers. But they can elevate these even more by wearing other types of tops that may seem intimidating at first, but they’re not, like men’s polo shirts.

What are polo shirts?

Polo shirts are timeless and classic. They do not go in or out of trend. Replacing a simple T-shirt with a polo shirt would elevate the whole look ten times better. It is somehow similar to T-shirts, but a collar and buttons are added. The fabric for polo shirts is also a little different sometimes than the fabric used for T-shirts. Either way, both are very comfortable and breathable.

Types of polo shirts

  • Short-sleeve polo shirt

This polo shirt fits the description of a basic polo shirt. It has short sleeves, a collar, and buttons. Similar to T-shirts, its fabric is cotton. Short-sleeve polo shirts are classic and the easiest to style because men can wear these as smart casuals to semi-formal outfits. This shirt is generally worn with only one, or none of the buttons is open.

  • Long-sleeve polo shirt

These are almost the same as the classic polo shirts, but only with long sleeves. Some men might think that these would be non-ideal to wear during hot days because they might feel uncomfortable, but they are often made with breathable cloth that enables them to stay comfortable and non-irritated by a higher temperature. These are perfect for semi-formal to formal events. Men can also throw a leather or denim jacket with a pair of jeans and sneakers to somehow dress it down for a more casual look.

  • Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted polo shirts are among the least common types of men’s polo shirts, but they also look stylish. They are perfect for both warm and cold seasons. Generally, they are made with cotton or wool. Knitted shirts make the whole outfit look a bit more unique. These are also versatile, and men can pair these with various bottoms, such as sweatpants, shorts, and chinos.


Polo shirts are one of the most classic and timeless pieces in men’s fashion. They are comfortable and breathable. They might seem intriguing at first, but they are easy to style and pull off. Some types of polo shirts are short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and knitted polo shirts. These are versatile and paired with different clothing types like jeans, shorts, khaki, sweatpants, denim jacket, leather blazer, etc. When wearing a polo shirt, it is important to clasp all the buttons to keep a clean and polished look. Polo shirts are also often tucked in to make them neater.