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Trends for Summer Home Renovations for Windows and Doors

Whenever we turn the page and enter a new year, we are invited by different trends in windows and doors. For instance, the most common home renovation trends of last year were Scandinavian-inspired white windows and doors decorations accented with jewel-hued tones and the famous black window frames.

Most of these trends for example black doors and windows frames never went away and most of them are here to stay. However, this near year has brought more trends to add a touch of character and unique design to your home. Let’s plunge in and see some of the summer home renovation trends for windows and doors Oakville.

  • Black Window And Door Frames

Black windows and doors frames bring a classic and bold design to your home. This trend is not going anywhere any time soon. We love it and this is because this style virtually works with any home architectural design and home décor.

If you want to make it even fresher and stand out from the others, you can opt for something a little more unique. The dark shade palette culminating into dark reds, dark brown, and dark greens will do a great visual job.

  • The Window Walls

When it comes to windows and doors frames, it is always said that less is more and that is not farfetched. Home developers, as well as homeowners, are opting for bigger windows that cover almost three-quarters of the wall. Floor to floor-ceiling window units is the best way to make a statement and create a modern, unobstructed view of the outside.

In addition, if you think windows won’t be enough to give you the right extension of the outdoor, then you can opt for a more multifunctional approach to floor-to-floor ceiling and choose slide patio doors. These doors are normally designed with less frame to glass ratio making it possible to create more connection to the outside than the windows.

  • Vibrant Hues

Dumping some dull shades such as grays and neutrals, including more plain colors like white. Homeowners are opting for bold colors to evoke a dramatic look that inspires. As such, vibrant hues such as navy blues, mustard yellows, purples, and emerald have become a preference for most designers.

If you need to have the entire home have such a vibrant look, you can also paint the exterior doors one of the colors you have chosen. This will significantly enhance your curb appeal without investing too much into it. It also enables you to make your entryways more visible and attractive.

  • Keep It True To The Season

Many years have passed and historical homes have never lost their sign though they have a simple design characterized by minimalism. Homeowners and designers are turning to vintage accents to create statements,s especially with Oakville windows and doors.

This year could be the best year to carry out the renovation of your home. Regardless of the architectural design of your home, this is a great opportunity to give it a new face-lift. To achieve that, you would want to install Victorian-style bay and bow windows.

French patio doors would also be an interesting addition to add more appeal to the passageway. These are classic entry doors and enhance the appearance of a traditional-styled home.

  • Details Matter

Small windows and door upgrades will create a significant impact. If you do not plan to carry out a comprehensive home renovation this year, you can give your home a new facelift in both the interior and the exterior. For instance, it won’t take a lot of time to replace the hardware on your Oakville windows and doors.

Matte black and metallic are common additions you would want to consider, as they are quite popular nowadays. So during hardware updates, you can integrate them easily. Also for interior upgrades, do not forget to upgrade your cabinets and door hardware to complete the look.

Make sure when it comes to appearances for your hardware you choose the best. Shiny and metallic gold brass is one of such hardware you need to consider. This makes a real visual impact in your home and everyone will recognize it easily.