Top Power BI Dashboard Examples

They are essentially a tech-driven method of analyzing and helpfully visualizing data. The design of a business intelligence dashboard combines graphs and charts on a single screen, and it gives the viewer a comprehensive view of the scenario under consideration. 

BI dashboard tools aren’t static, and they adapt to the demands of the individuals who create them by providing metrics relevant to their role, industry, or platform.

These dashboards can have various characteristics, including a configurable interface, interactivity, and the ability to draw data from numerous sources in real-time. They simplify data processing for our brain by allowing users to see otherwise complex and weighty raw data. They provide readers with an at-a-glance assessment of past, current, and future performance. Getting Power BI training can help use the tool more appropriately. 

Customer Analysis Dashboard

The Customer Analysis Dashboard is the first dashboard on our list, and it’s ideal for companies that want to focus more on their consumers. The dashboard provides valuable information about regional client earnings and product sales.

This dashboard is used to analyze business growth in practically any industry by managers and business executives. They can also make critical business decisions by increasing revenue, analyzing profit distribution across clients, and increasing profitability.

For example, if a company wants to see data from different years, it might use multiple filters. This dashboard can also provide vital information to managers and owners.

Some of the key findings are product-by-product sales analysis, channel-by-channel sales, profits, and customer-by-customer growth and profit figures. Companies can also compare total sales and profit margins and product performance, and client segmentation using charts.

HR Analytics Dashboard

The HR department is an excellent example of a Power BI dashboard because it plays a vital role in any business. In reality, the scope of work for HR professionals has only grown in recent years. HR analytics is a data-driven approach to workforce management. From advanced predictive analytics to fundamental descriptive statistics, it covers it all.

According to research, more than 22% of businesses have used HR analytics, with 11% adopting the function itself. With the help of this dashboard, companies can boost staff productivity and make crucial decisions. During a Power BI training, learning to use this dashboard in this manner will be easy.

Sales Scorecard Dashboard

Businesses must keep meticulous records of their sales for a variety of reasons. However, if there is too much data, it may become difficult to keep track of everything. The Sales Scorecard dashboard is a straightforward response to a variety of inquiries, and it assists businesses track sales and answer any pertinent questions about sales success.

This dashboard uses several Power BI tools to create KPIs that provide vital and valuable information to sales managers. Treemaps, cards, shapes, and DAX are some of the Power BI aspects.

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Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard

Managers, marketers, and agencies will benefit from the Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard. This monitoring and analytics solution can assist you in improving product quality, increasing sales, and managing crises.

The tool can also assist your firm in gaining a better understanding of your target market’s perceptions of the product. Its debate intensity tab provides crucial information such as social media mentions, total reach, and much more. There’s also a graph that highlights influencers based on their effect, volume, and amplification.

Executive Insights Dashboard

The Executive Insights Dashboard illuminates business performance and wellness. This dashboard is beneficial to businesses since it allows them to investigate company-wide data-driven decision-making.

Line charts, pie charts, donut charts, and other custom graphics are used in this Power BI Dashboard sample for analysis. It also provides business organizations with several filters that might assist them in telling tales about company factors like total profit and revenue. Managers, marketers can use it and other users to acquire critical insight on KPIs.

Attendance Tracker Dashboard

The Attendance Tracker Dashboard is a Power BI dashboard that allows corporate administrators to track employee attendance across departments.

This Power BI dashboard example can help promote essential conversations and increase participation among critical stakeholders. With the reports from this dashboard in many sectors, stakeholders of any corporate organization can enhance attendance and improve performance.

Team Performance Dashboard

The Team Performance Dashboard displays team performance and allows teams to define goals. With the information from this dashboard, business leaders may share their dreams with their teams regularly.

They can even assess their progress toward their aim. The managers or business owners can then identify areas for improvement, such as items and clients, where sales teams can concentrate their efforts.

This dashboard organizes content with drill-through and bookmarking and displays the targets and bonuses within reach. The toggle allows users to navigate between pages efficiently, dive down on Sales Reps, Products, and Customers, and switch between visuals. You can learn to use the dashboard for this purpose during a power BI training. 

Inventory Stock Analysis Dashboard

Another excellent Power BI dashboard example is the Inventory Stock Analysis Dashboard, which shows the company’s inventory for the year. Companies can keep track of stock availability and replenish it when necessary. Customer views and inventories, category selection, and quarters are used to organize this dashboard into product categories.

This Power BI dashboard breaks down the top five products into specific categories and segments, providing valid inventory data for total sales and percentage of total sales. Users can select product subcategories and average daily sales, days out of stock, and replenishment days in the stock forecast area.


We tried to discuss some of the essential types of dashboards in Power BI that can be valuable for organizations in this blog article. These Power BI dashboard examples are used for a variety of reasons in a variety of sectors.

Many teams can work on the same data and reports while sharing insights across applications simultaneously. It also allows users to evaluate their data by connecting to multiple data sources. While ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and security. Business owners and managers can promote crucial insights across divisions.

However, with a simple tool, you and your team will have more room to produce what is required in a fraction of the time. So, let your team have Power BI training.