The benefits of using automated webinar software

Webinars are a great way of sharing your knowledge with the world. Whether you want to say something about the latest marketing trends or onboard a new employee much faster, a webinar is the perfect way to share information. The word webinar is a contraction of the words web and seminar. Basically, a webinar is a seminar that is held completely online, eliminating costs of travel and event space rental, and making it possible for people to watch at their convenience.

Hosting webinars is a great source of saving time and creating an income to many, but not everyone has time to host webinars on a loop. Luckily, there is a better and more convenient way to organize a webinar without having to physically be present, namely by using automated webinar software. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of using software to organize your webinar. 

Automated online courses

Being a teacher or a professor is a busy profession and doesn’t usually stop at five o’clock. There’re papers to grade, tests to design, and classes to plan. Besides this, students often require tutoring and personal attention to be able to ask questions, learn, and grow. Automating your webinars is a great way to save time and focus on personal time with your students. A class about a certain subject can easily be filmed and transformed into an interesting webinar, by adding audiovisual material and documents to further explain the subject. 

The information about most subjects often doesn’t change, and instead of the teacher or professor giving the same class over and over again, time can be saved by simply letting the students watch the webinar. Automated webinar software will give the right students access to the courses and give them the opportunity to watch the classes at their own convenience. This leaves room for the students to plan their studies more efficiently and gives the teachers more time to focus on individual tutoring.

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Save time onboarding new employees

For big organizations that hire often, it can cost quite some time to onboard their new hires. Onboarding is an intense process that companies often try to rush, overwhelming their new employees. Automated webinars can make onboarding much more efficient. Recording a webinar with all the information that new hires need only costs time once and can be used unlimitedly. 

The employee will have the opportunity to take in all the information at their own pace, making it easier to remember. Instead of having to ask others for information, they can simply go back and watch the webinar about that topic once more. Managers will be able to focus on other things and new employees will be able to work independently much faster. 

Create a passive income

Creating a passive income has never been easier as with automated webinar software. Whether you are a marketing professional sharing information about the latest trends on the market, or a professional cook teaching cooking skills, marketing your business by means of automated webinars can increase your income drastically. Automated webinars are a great source of income next to your main occupation. The only time you need to spend is on recording and editing. 

After the webinar is ready, it can be viewed by anyone with access and monetized infinitely. You don’t have to physically teach your class over and over again, but simply create an income by letting people pay for access to your webinar through the automated webinar software. After releasing your webinar(s) in the software, there is nothing else that you need to do but wait for the money to come in. The only important thing is to occasionally check if the information is still relevant and update accordingly.