SEO, step by step – how long does it take to reach the first SERP in Google?


The actual context proves how important online marketing is for any type of business. For more than a year, a visible presence and a convincing and coherent online communication strategy were the only methods that businesses could use to deal with an unexpected situation.

Therefore, if you already own a business or you want to start one, regardless of its field of activity, you can’t neglect SEO optimization services. They will offer you the visibility you want, but you will have to be patient before noticing the results.

Are you curious to find out how long will it take before you will obtain high-ranking positions in Google?, an SEO agency from Bucharest, Romania, explains further what are the steps that every business which invests in an SEO strategy has to follow.

The first step. First of all, it’s essential to carry out in-depth research, that will allow you to know your business better, its objectives, its actual or potential clients, as well as the domain it activates in. This step includes keyword planning, the website’s audit, as well as other tasks that will lead to an effective strategy and planning;

The second step. Next comes the technical part, in which the online platform of your business is changed according to the findings at step number one. If you collaborate with an agency specialized in SEO services, the technical improvements can be made at the same time as creating new content for the website;

The third step. Now, it’s essential to work on the written content – from meta tags (meta titles and meta descriptions) and blog articles to relevant information about the company’s profile – everything counts! Of course, the content has to be centered around using the chosen keywords, so that the final result will be SEO friendly;


The fourth step. While the work on the previous steps goes on, now it’s time for concrete results. Although figures will continue to grow during the following months, you will start to notice that your website has considerably more traffic, and is growing in SERP, etc.

The fifth step. If, until now, the emphasis was on on-page SEO optimization, from now on it’s time for off-page. What does it mean? As your website begins to get better and better, you should invest in social media promotion, and publish articles about your business on various relevant and high-authority websites (such as online magazines);

The sixth step. If everything went smooth until now, and your website is constantly and consistently growing in traffic, you will notice an increased conversion rate. From this moment on, your priority is to create valuable and original content and to promote it as much as you can.

Each of the above-mentioned steps needs approximately one month before being fulfilled, but this time could vary from business to business. As you can imagine, if you’ve reached this point, SEO optimization is a complex process, that could only be properly achieved only with the help of experienced professionals in this field.

Therefore, you should collaborate with a team of specialists, such as They have a rich portfolio and equally good results, thus guaranteeing the desired result: your business will reach the first SERP in Google!