Sell Litecoin (LTC) to Visa and MasterCard card

Sell Litecoin (LTC) to Visa and MasterCard card

This currency currently occupies sixth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by capitalization, which is rapidly growing. Its growth is due to a large number of sites and institutions where they are ready to accept virtual money.

It is often perceived as a replacement for Bitcoin, despite the much smaller course to dollar. Sometimes LiteCoin is called crypto-currency silver or the second BitCoin, since they are similar in the basic principles of existence. You can store it on any wallet, for example, hardware, installed on a computer or online electronic wallet. The creators of LTC also present the coin as a convenient payment instrument.

Advantages and differences from other coins

Personal information of network participants is closed, which ensures complete anonymity and confidentiality, but all transactions are transparent and are in the public domain. To transfer or receive Lite coins cryptocurrency, you must have an online wallet. At first, the Litecoin address will be marked with the letter “L”. Now from this account you can pay for goods and services, transfer or exchange them into another currency. Creating a wallet, network operation algorithms are approximately similar to LiteCoin and BitCoin, but every year there are fewer and fewer of them.

The main advantages and differences of LTC are:

  • High transaction volume. It takes about 2.5 minutes to transfer from one address to another, and this is four times faster than Bitcoin.
  • Using larger amounts of memory for mining instead of loading the processor.
  • Total volume of life cycle (within 84 million).
  • Simplified algorithm.
  • Availability of mining. Since a simple algorithm is used, less energy and power is needed for mining.
  • Open and accessible source code for Litecoin Core.
  • Level of protection. For each action, you must enter a password.

Based on this, it is worth noting that this cryptocurrency is not just called crypto-currency silver. Growth statistics prove that in a couple of years it could become a complete replacement for Bitcoin if it falls in price.

Acquisition and investment

To understand whether it is worth investing in coins, you need to be confident in the further stability of the currency and the company. The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, is actively involved in the development of his project, introducing new algorithms and convincing miners to use new protocols to improve peer performance. ing systems. The potential of the project lies in the best ability to adapt to innovations, the total number of coins is large, which will most likely lead to an increase in price, and chart analysis kypca proves that there are no plans to reduce prices.

Buying and selling

You can either buy cymmy coins on the stock exchange or exchange them for bank Credit Card USD in web exchangers. When buying on the stock exchange, the main feature is trading, so there is a chance to be left without money.

You can withdraw money through online exchange points. They are reliable and fast, they work around the clock accurately. It is impossible to lose money. To exchange, simply click on the selected exchange office and go to the website. Therefore, it is most profitable to use the sell Litecoin (LTC) to Visa and MasterCard card through them. Withdrawals are made in any currency and to any card, for example, Credit card Visa/MasterCard. The reserve is large enough, so you don’t have to worry about whether there will be enough dollars to withdraw.

Just keep in mind that some of them may charge additional commissions. To read it, use a calculator. Special labels installed near the names of sites in the rating carry additional information. If you encounter any difficulties during the exchange, please contact the online consultant. If a situation arises that at this moment automatic sell Litecoin to credit card is not available, then use an alternative manual exchange.