Paraphrasing Tool – Rewrite Your Essay and Assignments

If you are digging for the details of the best paraphrasing tools on the web, then you should stop doing it because you have finally landed yourself in the right place and at the right time as today we are going to discuss all paraphrasing and the spinner tool/resource that can help you rewrite your assignments and any other content that you want to publish or submit. If you are not familiar with the concept/idea of paraphrasing, this concept is the perfect one for you.

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing/rephrasing/spinning/rewriting is all the same things and if you hear about these terms differently then know that they are always referring to the same act of copying content and restating it in your own words by keeping intact the original meaning and message of the original content. Now paraphrasing is not easy and is an important skill that can only be mastered by years of practice and hard work. If you don’t have time plus money to create content, then you need the paraphrasing tools, but before we talk about the paraphrasing tools we want you to know about the tips that will help you paraphrase effectively!

How to paraphrase assignments effectively without automatic tools?

Following are the points/steps that can teach you about rephrasing content, if you want to make the best article, then you must follow these steps mentioned below!

  • First of all, read the original text again and again, repeatedly so that you can understand the main concept of the article. The more you read it and focus on it, the better understanding of the message you would get!
  • Now, after reading and understanding the original content, you have to simply make sure that you set aside, take a pad and start making notes about the content that you have just read.
  • Now you should also make sure that you pick out the keywords from the original content. You have to ensure that you are using the same keywords in the paraphrased version of the content!
  • You have to ensure that you don’t use quotations in the rephrasing mantra. The quotes should be expressed originally, and no changes should be made in them as it is not acceptable in legal terms of writing.
  • Always check your work at the end of any kind of duplication and plagiarism with a reputed plagiarism and AI checker tool!

Now all of these steps are no doubt useful and are considered to be an efficient way of making an article free of plagiarism, but at the same time, you should know that this is a time taking process and not all of us have the time and the resources to spend on this. If you are short on deadlines and want to submit plagiarism-free content on time, then you should simply hook up with the best paraphrasing tool on the web.

Article Rewriter by SmallSEOTools!

The article rewriter by smallseotools is a very reputed paraphrasing tool available on the web that you can use for free to generate an unlimited amount of content for your website or your academic submissions. You should know that this free paraphrasing tool is also very easy to use, and even an unskilled person can help himself in creating a plagiarism-free content for submission!

Here are some benefits of using Paraphrasing tool!

  • First, know that this is a time-saver tool as it can help you make online content worth a thousand words in less than a few seconds. You should know that you can get human-readable and seo friendly content within less than a few seconds and this is a big plus about this spinner.
  • The use of the paraphrasing tool is a very efficient tool that you must have in your pocket. You should know that you can produce a huge number of articles in a very less amount of time, and this is what increases the office productivity of the office. 
  • Another benefit of the online article spinner is that it can help you make content anytime you want and anywhere. You can use it on every device that you have may it be desktop or smartphone!
  • You can do so better with this online article spinner because it can help you make a very valid content.
  • You can also save money with the use of the article spinner as you would not need to hire a writer!

How to use the Article Rewriter by smallseotools?

The following easy steps will enable you to use the paraphrasing tool efficiently.

  • Get access to the main page of the tool by clicking
  • Enter the content in the text box; you can also enter a complete file in the tool for spinning as well.
  • After completing the input, you just have to click on the ‘Re-write Article’ button or the ‘paraphrase’ button, and the tool will get you a new version of the content in less than a minute depending on the size of it!