Maximizing your business with google maps

Many small business owners still haven’t grasped the tremendous Search Engine Optimization potential of Google maps.

First, over half of all internet traffic is from mobile phones, but those mobile users are ferocious users of Google maps to shop. Over 77 percent of mobile phone users use Google Maps to find local businesses near them.

Second, over 60 percent search for a local business at home, using their smartphone.

Finally, 56 percent visit a business they find on Google maps near them as their next interaction. While another 36 percent, call the business on their phone.

At our SEO company, we find that of all Minneapolis SEO activities, Google maps are the least understood, and yet the most valuable Minneapolis SEO actions that a local business can take action on almost immediately to generate real income.

Most small businesses come to us and ask, “How can I get to be number 1 in Google Searches, and we have to tell them it takes hard work and perhaps two to three years to get there.

However, it’s not unusual for small businesses to use Google maps and jump three, four or more places within Google Maps in a few weeks, not a few years.

So how does Google Maps work?

When doing a local search, for example, the best French Restaurant near Minneapolis, Google will bring up a map of Minneapolis with three locality symbols for what they consider the best French restaurants in Minneapolis.

Below are the top three named restaurants, as well as a box below for more places. Clicking on that link will bring you another Minneapolis Map with a total of 20 French Restaurants, all with locator pins, and a list on the left hand of all 20 named restaurants.

Besides the name of the restaurant, is a restaurant rating between 4.1 and 4.9 stars, a brief description of the menu, and whether during the COVID-19 pandemic feature dine-in, takeaway or delivery is offered.

Clicking on a single entry brings you up to another page which offers you a chance to look at Google reviews of the eatery, the location, the directions to get there, the hours, a link to their website, and more. You can even call from your phone for reservations.

However, Google maps offer much more. For example, you can place up to 4 images, just for free.

Google maps rely in particular on customer reviews, and a business ranking can often be greatly influenced by customer reviews.

So if Google Maps is so great, why does a business need a local SEO company. Precisely because there are so many mistakes a business can make with Google maps.


  • A business needs to have a consistent name.
  • Some businesses make the mistake of referring to themselves as Victor’s French Cafe in one place, and then in another, they refer to themselves as Victor’s Famous French Cafe.
  •  Names must be consistent.
  • Addresses and phone numbers also need to be consistent.
  • A business must not refer to their address as 5555 Xerxes Ave. South but in in another place state their addresses is 5555 Xerkes Avenue South, or 5555 Xerkes Avenue S. . They also need to have consistent phone numbers. Always use a local phone number, not an 800 phone number.

There are actually 11 major elements to a good Google maps presence. Make a mistake on any of them and a local business can lose significant revenue,


Maximize the Google map presence in your business by calling us to see that everything that is possible to amplify your local profits.