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La Grange Living: 5 Types of Flooring to Consider for Your New Home

Ranked one of the best suburbs to live in Chicago, La Grange is a homebuyer’s dream. The town’s family-friendly neighborhoods, schools, and safety ratings are just some of the reasons you should consider moving here. However, buying a home in La Grange involves many more considerations than the environment. Your new home should have features and amenities that suit your lifestyle. One such feature is the floor, which is the largest surface in your home. As you consider different properties, here is a look at five different flooring options and their pros and cons.

Hardwood Flooring

Arguably the most popular flooring option in homes for sale in La Grange, hardwood flooring is a smart option for the astute homebuyer. Hardwood is solid wood and is usually available in varieties like cherry, walnut, oak, and maple. Its makeup means it is one of the strongest and most durable flooring options, with excellent versatility and quality. These qualities, however, also make it one of the most expensive floors. You need to perform regular maintenance and cleaning, including applying a fresh coat of varnish every few years. The good news is that hardwood flooring raises your home’s value and lasts long.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the way to go if you have small children and are worried about water damage. This extremely water-resistant material is made of plastic and is popular for its durability and versatility. Available in sheets, tiles, or planks, vinyl is most commonly sold as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP). The cost will usually depend on the type you buy, but vinyl flooring is cheaper than hardwood and pricier than laminate. It does not add as much value to your home as hardwood, but it is durable.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is another affordable flooring option for homeowners who enjoy some style but would like to skip the cost of vinyl and hardwood. This flooring option is made from tile or wood set under a clear plastic layer and over a particle board wood base. If you like DIY projects and different color and texture options, consider laminate. While it does not look or feel like hardwood and can suffer water damage, it is easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood looks like real wood but is more affordable. It is essentially a thin layer of hardwood bonded with plywood substrate. Like its natural counterpart, engineered wood is durable and long-lasting. It may need more care and maintenance than the regular floor, but it is easy to install as a DIY project and can save you thousands of dollars in installation costs.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This option is extremely waterproof and durable and lends a home a certain air of old-money charm. Like hardwood, stone flooring is expensive and may need regular maintenance, depending on the finish. Popular options include sandstone, marble, granite, and other natural stones.

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