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Key Things to Consider Before You Shift To the Rented Flat in Hyderabad

A new city and new home can bring a lot of opportunities as well as chaos to you. When talking about chaos, by it we imply that shifting into a rented flat without checking the basic things can turn your life upside down. In this guide, we have mentioned some key things that you should consider before you move to the rented flat in Hyderabad.

  • Research well about the neighborhood: When you start with the research for 1 bhk flats for rent in Hyderabad make sure to choose the neighborhood offering proximity to the workplace or your school. Living in the location nearby will not only save your commute time but also travel expenses. Apart from proximity, do check if the particular area is well equipped with the social infrastructure including well-maintained roads, hospitals, shopping centers, gyms, parks, grocery stores, gas stations, public transports, and other necessary facilities that are essential for your day-to-day operations. You always want to live in a secure and safe area. So, do know the crime rate of the particular area before you rent a flat there.
  • Check for required repairs and maintenance: Usually, the initial repairing and maintenance is undertaken by the owner of the property. So, when you explore the properties in person, take a look for the water damage, patches on the ceiling, or crumbling paint. You can either ask the landlord to repair the same or can look for another flat. Because you are going to pay for the rent and live there for months or years it will be not feasible to live in the flat having problems. Also, before you sign the lease you should figure out if there are any safety hazards. Having any industrial area nearby your potential neighborhood is not good for your health. Do ask the landlord about the electric outage issue as it can cause the abrupt malfunctioning of the electric appliances.
  • Ask for the references: The best source for the references is the neighbors living in the area where you are planning to rent a 1 bhk flat in Hyderabad. There is a possibility of neighbors knowing about the history of the potential flat as well as the owner of the flat. Socializing with them will help you to know the facts that you can’t figure out on your own. Ask about the reputation of the landlord. Now that you are going to live in the potential flat for a long time you will be dealing with its landlord on daily basis. Therefore, it is better to know about the nature of the landlord from the neighbors beforehand. Make sure to do this before you sign the rental agreement so that there are no regrets in the future.
  • Consider checking the neighborhood at different times: There is a possibility that the shortlisted areas for renting the flat looking safe in the daytime may not be safe during the night. Living in a new city where you don’t know anyone can be challenging, especially if you rent a flat in an unsafe locality. Your priority should be renting a flat in a safe and secure area. Therefore, do plan to visit the potential areas at night. See what kind of people wanders the streets at night? At what time the nearby stores are shut down? This should be the most important thing on the checklist of the tenant for renting a flat. Check before renting a flat to ensure the safety and security of you and your belongings.
  • Know about the pet policy: If you are thinking of moving your pet with you to your new space then it is recommended to inquire about the pet policy of the society before entering into the lease. There are chances that your landlord may agree for you to keep your pet in the rented flat, but, the members of the society may not agree with the same. They may create a nuisance when you take your pet for a stroll in society. Therefore, go through the pet policy before you rent.
  • Check the condition of the society: Although it is essential to check the condition of the flat, you should also consider checking the society’s condition. See if proper hygiene is maintained. Also, make sure that the flat you are going to rent is legal and the documents of the society’s property are in place. You can do a background check on the society and ask for copies of the society’s property documents to protect yourself from any kind of fraud.

Wrapping up it all!

So, keeping these things in mind, you can rent the perfect flat with the help of stanzaliving. It is basically a platform that helps the tenants to look for multiple accommodation options in different cities and areas of the country.