How To Sell A Car In Any Condition

Ever wondered what to do with your old clunker? Well, guess what? You could sell it on carantee and get the best price for it.! Although most dealerships may not be willing to get your old car off your hands, there are quite a few ways to sell a car in any condition.

Types Of Old Cars

Old cars come in many different conditions, which could be categorized into the following:

  • Junk cars with usable parts.
  • Cars that don’t run but have decent parts that can be used.
  • Cars that run but have some problems.

Whichever category your car falls under, other aspects distinguish junk cars. These include the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle. 

Who Buys Cars In Any Condition?

Despite its condition, you can sell your car in any shape. If you decide to sell your car, you have to get the right people to get it off your hands. In this article, you’ll get to know potential customers for your old car.

Auto Junkyards

When the time to get rid of a beat-up old car comes, junkyards are usually the first option that could come to mind. There are different types of junkyards, and they all have their ways of doing things.

Most junkyards have an area of specialty. For example, some will accept multiple vehicle models, while others will specialize in particular vehicle classes. On the other hand, some salvagers will only take in SUVs, while others may concentrate on trucks or sedans. Types of auto junkyards include:

  • Manufacturer Salvagers: These often take specific car makes. They can normally be found through simple online searches. 
  • Model-Specific Salvagers: These focus on particular car models. They’re usually the mecca of second-hand parts because of their specialization. Most people find model-specific yards the best place to find parts for cars like vintages and other hard-to-find ones.
  • Specific Salvagers: These are junkyards for particular classes of cars. For example, you may find a specific depot for classic cars, imports, or muscle cars. These junkyards are also possible solutions for selling your car, regardless its condition.

Junkyards will, however, often have the upper hand when you sell your car to them. It may not matter that your car has some nice leather seats or a working air conditioner. When you sell your car to them, junkyards will normally buy it based on its weight.

Car Dealerships

Some dealerships buy cars that run but may have a few problems. As a marketing strategy, they lure potential clients who might want to trade in old cars for better ones from them. Take advantage of this and get rid of your old car.

Because some dealerships are concerned with quick sales, you have to be prepared to sell your car for a little less than its actual value. Although they may know a thing or two about used, broken, or damaged cars, dealerships are more concerned about cars they can easily resell.

Private Individuals

Private individuals are another avenue you could try if you want to sell your car. Although this may seem like a difficult road to take, there are still some individuals eager to get your old car off your hands.

To get private individuals to buy your used car or only specific parts like its old but still useable transmission, you could use numerous commerce platforms like classifieds, listings, and other traditional marketing means like the good old ‘For Sale’ fliers. Private individuals can be collectors, enthusiasts, or mechanics who want a car to rebuild.

Other Buyers

There are many other possibilities for selling your used car, no matter the condition. Depending on the age and model of the vehicle, you could consider possible customers like flippers who fix up your car and sell the restored or fixed car. Remember to have your car properly appraised, however. You’ll never know you’ve actually got a gold mine in your barn. 

Tips To Fetch The Most Out Of Your Car

Don’t be embarrassed about wanting to make the most from your car, even if it’s a junk car. Its value normally depends on various factors such as the make, model, year, and the condition of your vehicle. Whatever the case, you have to consider the following tips if you want to get the best value for your car:

  • Do your research and know your potential market. 
  • If you’re selling a car that’s in decent condition, you have to give it some appeal by giving it a nice clean.
  • If you’re planning to sell to a private individual, look up the value and set an asking price slightly above what you want, to allow for negotiations. 
  • If the car is in decent shape, set up a test drive.


Is it possible to sell a car in any condition? Yes, it is, but you have to get the right buyer. If you’re not careful, you could end up fetching far less than what your car is worth. If your car doesn’t run anymore, junkyards or salvagers could be your best option. If your car is in fair condition, you could try car dealerships or private individuals. No car is unsellable; you just have to do your bit to market it.