How to Check for Pure German Shepherd Dog Breeds

Did you know that the German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in America? Thanks to its traits of being highly intelligent, hardworking, obedient, loyal, and basically, perfect family pets.

However, many German lookalikes may make it difficult for you to identify pure German shepherd dogs without this information.

1. Coat structure

You can identify a German shepherd dog through its coat that’s dense and short and lies close to its body. They tend to shed through the year and need regular brushing and grooming.

While German shepherds are typically tan and black, some are pure black, bi-color, blue, gray, white, and sable.

2. DNA test

A DNA test helps you find your dog, and there are many kits available online. Testing not only identifies your dog breed but also their distant and close relatives, and tests for other genetic diseases.

3. Certain physical characteristics

German shepherds have some traits that make them stand apart from other breeds.

They have distinct, pointed ears, a full, long, bushy tail and an adorable head tilt that their fans adore. The tilt can be a sign of intelligence or their way of seeing us more cleanly.

German shepherds have a strong, tall, proportionate build and a remarkable brain size. They have a deep and narrow chest with sloping front legs and shoulders. They generally weigh nearly 60 pounds when six months old.

4. Look for answers

You can always ask questions to help you identify your German shepherd.

Speak with breeders or someone who owns a German shepherd. Most of them will be happy to talk to you, especially if you are considering buying one.

But be careful if you want to ask an unknown person just because you like the dog’s looks. German shepherds are not very accepting of strangers approaching their owners.

Your veterinarian can give you lots of information about German shepherds. They can help you buy one, and share their opinion if required.

There are lots of dog breed identification apps you can download and use to identify your dog. Though it’s not a foolproof option, it at least gives you a rough picture of your dog.

5. Behavior

German shepherds also have some behavioral characteristics. For example, they have a high energy level, so they need lots of daily exercises.

They can get bored and destructive if not properly exercised. They also have a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness to their family. They don’t bind well with strangers and need some time to warm up.

German shepherds are highly intelligent and make great working dogs. That’s why they have important jobs like helping the police in drug-sniffing, security, and search and rescue operations. They are easily trained and make excellent guide dogs for the visually impaired. It’s their extreme sense of possession that makes German shepherds excellent guard dogs and for herding sheep.

These 5 tips can help ensure you buy not a lookalike but a pure German shepherd dog when you want one! For more information Visit VON WA-BO.